Wednesday, May 13, 2009


well guess what?
we spent our whole night reading phsyiologyy
thinking we're going to face a test the next day
i've been holding the book all day long,
and suddenlyyy
"klas tade tade pun"

let me describe this situation as a 'hampeh situation' -.-'

haha its a good thing we did revision
its just that,
if i knew the test's going to be cancelled
i should have read anatomy instead of physio
we're going to have our next anatomy test; shoulder on tuesday

and then musles of the back on tues
and axilla the next sat and so on.
and histo test end of this month

test test test test im going crazy lah if this continues
good thing; test makes us study even more
yayy go go test!:D


Puteri Sepi said...

OMG! I miss you!


nur hanina said...

i miss you two three four!

Afiqah Azlee said...

i pon miss u jugak, LOL.
tp tp, mmg hampeh ble kte dah semangat study, tibe2 cancel plak class tu -_-"

nur hanina said...

haha yeah i miss everyone!
mmglah terlampauu bengang actually
tapi nk wat cane:D

Qistienna said...

test aku dah lpas :)
hai dr hanina! rindu :)