Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's final
I'm going home next week.
Seems like I have to leave all my friends for the second time
You know i hate this part.
You know i'm not going to be able to get over this for at least 3 months, a little only not completely!
Why do i have to leave when i've finally fallen in love with ZAGAZIG?!
well 5 months here sure seems like a very long time for me
I learnt a lot of things.
And i am never ever going to forget things and people here.
I remember how i used to hate them sooooo much, now there are just like my best friends.
I remember how i was dying to go back home, now i just am dying to stay.

So this is it,
goodbye everyone,
goodbye zagazig,
I'm coming back after 3 months,
maybe not to the same state, maybe not to the same university, maybe not to the same house
But sure i will never ever forget nothing about things here
I dont know whether you guys will remember me or not
but i surely will never ever forget all of you

lots of love to;( name yang ikut balik tak disebut.hehe)
fatimah, aineen, shifa, anati, haizum, kak mira, biha, kak izzati, melly, bella, dila, wey, kak fifi, kak maj, kak aishah, kak jiji, kak dzarifah, bob, omar, atris, zul, afif, hasif and everyone.

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shifa said...

im gonna miss ya!!