Saturday, May 30, 2009


helloooo Malaysia!
haha yes finally am in Malaysia.
well too lazy to update blog but since i got nothing to do here in kuantan, waiting patiently for Monday to arrive.

Well my last days in Egypt were great.
I hung out with my friends and we had a great time
haha i went to hussin to shop shop shop with other 6 mates and 2 mushrifs/:D
Oh the only thing i bought for me there was a keychain. everything else was not for me. hehe

the last day was busy! I woke up early in the morning and met ustaz mumtaz to take my LE1200// yay shopping!
then i met prof then went to 7 days pizza where omar and afif were already waiting. At first we planned on hanging out in Cairo, but some people were busy. plus, there were a few important things i had to take care of. So I went there to 7 days with Fatimah . We didnt know that restaurant ever existed. sedih gile. if i knew, id go there many many times because the pizzas were okayyy. So we waited for Shifa bob and Anati. Then tetibe Haziq and Teng and Hasif pun ada.hehe sadly, anati left before the pizza even arrived. waaa anati tamau kwn!!:( haha my fault i paid early that guys over there already halau halau us when we actually wanted to stay there for quite a long time.
then i met mama by night i arrived home and yes, i had to pack everythingg! and there was so many things to do and i had no time. at the very last minute, there were so many things missing and i couldnt find them
I was so tension with things and everything
I wanted to leave happily then i got news that some of my friends couldnt follow us to the airport. I was so damn frustrated. there were 3 vans going and only 5 of my friends going!
that was so unfair:(
kak mira haizum and biha couldnt follow us:( only tim shifa aineen anati and kak erah. thanks guys. haha
i thought i was already late my friends all brought my bags downstairs and we waited for the van and other mates to arrive for like an hour ++
hampeh, baik tido dulu
and plus, omar forgot to bring his hard disc,
i wanted one tree hill and prison break season finale so damn much-.-'
seems like i have to download them all
but well i cant really blame him because he was so busy and he did help me A LOT!
thanks eh pakcik!

well i received a lot of presents. going to upload the pictures soon. bears from shifa and kak mira, a clock from biha and haizum, a cute blouse from aineen, scarf from timah, key chain from dila, chocolates from hasif omar afif anati and 25 cent from bob with his sign on it.haha
well i'm bringing them all to shahputra haha and the chocolates i haven't eaten them.sayanggg:D

um i reached Malaysia 2 days ago . As soon as i reached here, i went to ampang to meet my grandmother. So there was um, rendang, masak lemak cili api, big apple, bawal masak merah, sambal minyak! hahaa the next day i ate nasi lemak, nasi beriyani, padprik, tomyam, KERABU MANGGA etc etc. and now i am already in Kuantan going to Shahputra on Monday. I wonder what's going to happen. hehe. the thing is, i don't feel all jakun seeing things here, its like im used to everything. its like i never ever left malaysia.haha it's good, perhaps.:DD

So i was so busy for the past two days. Went to clinic, made a new bank card, went for medical check up, packing , borang borang etc etc.
But it was all worth it:D
so just going to relax today and tomorrow here, going to the beach, swimming pool sleep sleep, online online eat eat here with family and grandmother and an aunt:D

yayyy wish me luck okay:D


Ahmed Basyir said...

wah dah blk..nmpk hepy je:))) gdluck on ur new chapter..

shifa said...

i miss u nina!!!
cne kat sane??
ok ke???
ko sehat??