Saturday, July 4, 2009


today was
how do we spell it?
really ah?i dont really know how to describe it
have been playing futsal for a couple of days
yeah first time playing it with a real-timing whatsoever
after a few minutes i already felt like falling
ahaha have a match tomorrow morning
but i enjoy it
haha except when some of my classmates already making noise saying go nina go nina
and something like 'nina main kasar' lah ' go zagzig lah',
i felt like kicking them and that's when i screamed "diorang ni tak boleh senyap ke?"
and they went 'rilex la nina"
banyak la korang rilex dah la tengah pening.seriously my body felt effin hot and i really felt dizzy
just now got sukan but my friends and i ponteng already slept at home
then came back got sukaneka
but kalah ony menang a few games ony.
haha pity us right but nobody cares/
so wish me luck!

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nik qistienna. said...

hehe mcm menarik je weh