Tuesday, June 23, 2009

live life to the max

Live life to the max.

I wonder ,is there anything i can talk about?
well nothing interesting happened to me these past few days
my schedule; just the same
plus a few assignments and homeworks, which of course i have no mood to do,
marathon; just want to finish watching all the big bang theory second season,
because i still have my name is earl, how i met your mother, house, smallville and a few tv series waiting in my list to be watched before september.gaha
october is another story; new list, new movies.:D

Well here we learn arabic, anatomy, physiology and anatomy.
to be honest, i like english class a lot,
first; because i love english
second; because the class isn't that boring, there's always something to do,
minus sir pritam chose me as the class monitor; too bad, i'm not a good class monitor and i just don't think i'm going to be one
well as i said last week we had the titanic presentation,
well i'm not lucky enough, aside from being the only female group leader in the class ( i was forced to) we were the 'lucky number one' to do the presentation
guess it's just not my luck
syafik and i forgot to bring our text, luckily we remembered a few things about the presentation
well, perhaps our group was not the best but we did our best and we tried our best. that's the most important thing kan.

and i'm also starting to be damn talkative
i just cant help myself but talking
sometimes i asked myself to be quiet but sure, i failed.
i went back home a few days ago and went shopping to buy some baju baik,.lol
and when i started to wear them to class,
they said i;m starting to be that 'girly' kind of girl
and feminine or whatever
ouh dah, it's actualy normal for me to wear those stuff, its just that, its been quite a long time since i last dressed like that, because i didn't have the clothes or the bags or the shoes or anything! not because i've changed or what. i finally have those baju baik, i'm going to throw away all my baju jahat. lol. it's hard to be a girl, isn't it?-.-'


nik qistienna. said...

nak jadi pmpuan ni mmg susah kut, kena pandai jaga diri.

weh weh anatomy tu cne? susaa tak?

shifa said...

huwaaa windu ye ko!!!
nina da jd baik
xsbo nk tggu ko dtg cni!!!
aku nk g sambut ko