Friday, June 12, 2009

once again

life is great
counting days in shahputra
learning having fun, hanging out with friends, eating.:D
heee 3 months and i'm going to egypt again.
going to meet all my friends once again :D
can't wait though

well i'm feeling quite happy.
laugh laugh and laugh.
no emotional thingy like i used to always have o.o
2 weeks already got assignment
need to present the titanic thingy using power point
aduh, fobia after an incident about a year ago?
have i ever wrote about that?

went out to movie already, went out in the middle of the night to eat mcD
finally, yay!
then tomorrow going to the beach and museum? duh
i dont know wth are we supposed to do there


shifa said...

nina...xsabo tggu ko dtg cni!!!

Qistienna said...

weh egypt tu mesir ke? ke lain? hehe

nur hanina said...

haha same la shifa!
aha tina same la!tatau ke?