Sunday, November 15, 2009

ONE, gone. ONE, vanished

salam...adq abg yg sombong...
bz ke????
bru abg jmpe page adq...adq cmner skg????
hopefully u r always in happy in ur life, sis....
anyway gud luck 4 ur future and have a nice day, adq...
abg da keje tau, deq...
bler adq nk jmpe abg???
heheheehehe....papepun abg t'lbh dulu nk minx maap ats sgale slp abg yg abg penah bt kat adq abg ni...
kemaafan 2 abg jus dpt dr adq je..abg hrp adq dpt maafkn abg...
mne tau adq may b xkn jmpe abg bt slamenye...abg minx maap sgt2...
gud luck, dear...askm

5 months ago.
came across this comment.
i hate that we became so close that you became my bestfriend.
well kind of a brother to me.
i hate that i started to get rid of you
i hate that i hurt you a lot
i hate how you tortured me back
i hate that you were so nice, so caring,
i hate that you were so skema
your words were like so baik and everything
you dont know about styles
but you were there for me.

It has been almost 4 years since our story ends.
since our good sister-brother relationship ends.
and you are nice to me, even until now
but then i hate you for saying that i will always become your friend, whatever happens
i hate you saying that you still care
i hate to know the fact that i dont know you anymore
i hate receiving a raya card with your sign on it.
i hate everything about you
i deleted your number, didnt put your num in my new phone,
because i dont want to hear from you nomore
i dont want to feel alone and night and text you
i want to stop hearing anything from you
know anything about you

somehow at times i remember us being close
you care, i care.
and those memories.
all vanished.
I dont know what to say
maybe we'll walk into each other some times,
and we will ignore each other.

we are strangers now.


Natasha Athirah said...

be strong huny..
i knw how it feels like,
but not a brother-sister relationship,
i think you know who's the guy that i'm talking about right..
i know it is painful..
but we must be strong and face it..
it's a good step that you deleted and not texting him..
texting can brings out memories..
i pray for your happiness syg..
everything that happen,
is by the will of Allah..
hold on, be strong and
the most important,
move on, dont look back..
it's an advice to me also,
so we'll keep remind each other ok syg..
love u!

nur hanina said...

seriously you know/?
who, eh? ;pp

yeah i know and you know
texting him is a very bad idea
tho sometimes i really want to hear from him.

okay darling
thanks for the advice
heee i hope youll be strong enough too

thanks a lot. i love you!