Monday, November 2, 2009

biochemistry / winter

yeah yeah the real class has started o________O
went from biostatistic --------> biochemistry,
which are different in manyy many many many ways -______________-

haha first class already made me feel like falling.
Oh no!
need to study harder
revision every night
revision?? pfffttt!

and winter also has started
its f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g

egypt is supposed to be hot, eh? NOT
seriously, it's freakin cold!
just wait for december
i bet it will be colder and colder -___-"

everyone is also starting to buy that long coat, mafla and gloves kind of thingy
but i dont have the mood to buy em' just, not yet
haha i dont want to waste my money, ops 'duit rakyat' on something i already have
i already have a few sweaters but i want that long coat. i want it i want it~
wearing those stuff make me feel cool, just like in that korean movie, and some western. LOL

-the end-

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