Wednesday, October 27, 2010

story one.

Our journey to class is a race.
more like the amazing race
minus the 1 million dollar and the publicity.

We leave house an hour early, just to get the best place in the lecture hall, in front of the lecturer and the slide.
We dont want to be late. Oh I dont want to be late. Because being late is just like letting yourself suffocate to death. Im going to sit at the back row. not gonna understand anything and feel sleeeeeeepy all the time. true story

Keep walking, knowing that the the gate is still closed,
and the lecture room too
come to think about it, it is such a stupid thing to do -.-"

So our practical class has started.
And my feelings towards new sectionmates,
i thought i could change, you know just say hello and greet anyone in the class,
people i do not know, strangers, to be exact.

Instead, i just sat at my place, went nowhere and cursed a lot because those who sat in front are way too tall and i couldnt see the slide clearly.
Not a good start, heh?

It's been 2 years. I live here for almost 3 years including the time i was in Zagazig, yet, i still dont have the guts to cross the road alone.
I need to have a friend beside who holds my hand and help me cross the road.
2 years/ How long is it going to take to put some confidence in myself and just CROSS THE BLOODY ROAD?

And clearly its not my fault because the drivers here are just INSANE.
They just know how to speed and HONK.
come on dude, youre destroying my bloody cilia hair whatever in my ears.
and i can sue you for that.
hah, the worst place to cross is in front of st stefano.
Its suicidal to just cross the road.
with 10 lanes, with crazy drivers. Oh they can name it the highway of death.

And im going to sham el sheikh this holiday
say what?
you know i chose not to go anywhere last year during winter break and raya holiday
It sucked and im not going to sit at home during holiday anymore,
especially when everyone has plans, and youre going to sit at home alone,
with nothing to do. no food. no friends nothing.

And i kind of asked, oh, begged my friends to join the trip but they refused to join it
and i gave up already.
its not like im not gonna enjoy my time there without them T.T
My ex roommates are going so i have friends there.
university is covering half of the expenses
So why miss this once in a lifetime chance?

im not trying to be cute by putting a cute picture here. I put it because it is , cute?= ="


karakoza said...

Enjoy yourself at Sham el-Sheikh. Went there last year, including Sinai and other places. It's a great holiday-getaway to relax and enjoy yourself :D

nur hanina said...

is it cool?
or just okay?
hee :) thanks a lot!

karakoza said...

If you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling and other water sports, then you're gonna love it.
If you're asking about the temperature, it's hot enough to swim lol

Izyan Hanis said...

okeh. jeles nye.
kite x boleh pegi pun sharm el sheikh. xsempat kowt. org ckp dah penuh. :'(

p/s; yeah. feeeling the same way too about the new section. we need atleast a friend, BLEASE. :)

Anonymous said...

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nur hanina said...

yekeee dah penuh kee
alaaa tapelah lain kali boleh pergi :(

tu ah tak suka oh tapi need time kut harap lama lama oke ouhh