Thursday, November 1, 2007

exam makes me sick,

well let's talk about exam.
yeah everyone does hate exam
except for some brilliant students who always get full marks or 1A
ahah and i am so not that kind of person
i read somewhere i dont remember,
ouh yeah at a motivation book,written by lawrence van,
something like this,
"there are 2 tests in trigonometry examination.first,a test on honesty and second a test on trigonometry.many fail the test on honesty and lots pass the test of trigonometry, the test of honesty is more important because good people usually pass the test of honesty.
haha really,i dont remember the lines well but something like that lah.
hee my final was over 2 days ago and we all feel so glad.
yeah we dont need to study like hell anymore,
at least for the rest of this year and of course we HAVE to study for our coming SPM.gaah,hate talking about it.
um in physics test last week and this week, my teacher took the questions exactly like in an exersice book. and of course when he took both paper 3 and 2 questions from the same book,we were expecting paper 1's going to be the same and we were right,
some of them even copied the answers in a paper and just copied the answers down in the answer sheet.
gaah i remembered the answers for the last 10 questions but at least i MEMORISED not COPIED down the answers.haha and i did some exersices on the first 30 questions so i was like okay lah.
my bio and add math,dont even ask about it.
i got b for add math and paper 1 and 2 for bio the total of those two papers are 80++ over 180.
haha all of us did so badly,haish till some of us feel like dropping the subject.
that is better,isn't it?;p
well,the moral of the story is,cheating is not good for our health.hehe but some of us just cant help it lahh.
it is like cheating is a must in exam.blahh,whatever. i cheated too sometimes what;p