Tuesday, November 8, 2011

past few days

ive been busy for the past few days.
woke up very early in the morning, and reached home late and night.
and then i collapsed,well not literally.

and then woke up again for the next event.

i almost forgot how it feels to wake up late in the afternoon. -.-"

morning view from the balcony :)\

night of eid :)

after solat raya with ze friends :)

so i celebrated my eidul adha for the third time here.
first one at asrama mara, the second one at sharm el sheikh and this year we celebrated our raya at home :)

that day after arab class we asked miss soha what do they usually do during raya
and she said they went for solat raya, eat , and they give money to the relatives.
well i thought giving and receiving duit raya is a tradition only in malaysia
but they do it here, but during eidul adha lah not eidul fitri macam kita .
eidul adha celebration is kind of big here lah, terbalik dengan kita.
and its been days after raya kan but we're still on our holiday :)

first time joining the seminar

muka excited nak dengar seminar :)

im not in the mood to write a very long post
so io attached a few pictures of seminar ibadah, and raya celebration
a few. i'll upload the rest later, insyaAllah if i have time, and if im, uhm in the mood :)
hihi this is like a sneak peak lah kan. bajet je nak senak peak macam hot sangat je :P

p/p/s : ramainyaa orang tumpang rumahh berhari hari dahh tukar orang :) murah rezeki
p/p/p/s : tadi dapat makan sup tulang. sedap :)


miss asilah said...

are you purposely showing off ur ring? hahahaha

nur hanina said...

hahaa nak bagi lagi menarik je :P

mariamjamilah said...

nina,u got a really nice ring :)
ade orng bg ek?? ^-*

nur hanina said...

beli sendiri lah milahh!
cincin murah je tu hihihi