Friday, December 16, 2011


ive been busy.
that explains the big gap between the last post and this one.
and ive been lazy, too.

been busy with reunionssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and gatheringss and classes.

haha reunionss sepanjang bulan :

floor 6 reunion. gambar seems appropriate boleh lah attach? hee kalau tak suka bagitahu i can remove :D

been missing them. its been way too long since we last gathered. oh come to think about it we never did! this is our first time! :)
floor yang memang jarang tutup pintu bilik melilau sana sini
yang bising nak mampus.
dengan manusia manusia yang bolok yet bajet ayu :P
and they celebrated my birthday! so sweet walaupun birthday saya lama lagi hihi

section 6 punya gathering

the only all-girls section in our batch.
and its fun actually. it just feels different. and i can be myself entirely in the class
because you know, when there are guys in the class, its not quite appropriate to talk in a loud voice bising etc. you know what i mean/? -__-"
but i still miss section 2 ;(
because i dont know. here i dont have the chance to get to know everyone personally because of course , the chance's never there. or is it actually my fault :O that i dont socialize much?
rasanya macam dah terlebih bersosial dah hihi
i dont know :/
but they rock really! hhehehe. and great cooks im telling you.
yummy delicicicicicicousss dishes!

last but not least, dear ex-housemates :)
hehe yes we were only housematesback when we were in ksp for only 3 months but still,
everything started there lah. when everyone was a stranger and people started to get to know each other :)
we do hang out that much, to celebrate birthdays and stuff :)
and our last destination was Chicken Tikka. we celebrated anis's birthday! :D
and hopefully we're going to be friends even after we're married and have dozens of kids :O

p/s : its sad that i dont have anyone to babble to everyday anymore. i guess i have to keep it all to myself, eh :O
p/s/s: sc baru pulak :/ honestly malasnyaa nak pergi but lets see whether this one is as fun as our last sc! hihi
p/s/s/s : bajet selalu lari! macam mana nak pergi europe :O and uhm, dah jadi macam ni, awak dah change your mind nak pergi pulak ke? ;(


Anonymous said...

hahhaaaa.. sibuknya reunion..
reunion=makan.. masalah2..

Izyan Hanis said...

okeh jeles

section kite girls terlalu sikit
and it wasnt FUN kalo nak buat potluck

and kalo campur laki-perempuan pulak
org ckp ikhtilat

weeeeell. it wasnt FAIRRR!

nur hanina said...

hahaha tu lah pasal. penuh perut oh makan jee :PP

hehe tu lah. tapi boleh je kut buat,kat tempat lain kut. perhaps ok :D ktrg penah buat section 2 dulu okay je hihi sabar iezy!