Sunday, January 22, 2012

cerita cikgu embryology

and so our embryology professor, who is also the head of department of anatomy for whole Egypt gave us a lecture about the embryology of external genitalia. and after the lecture he told us something very interesting indeed.

"i woke up until 2 am thinking about this case."

so he said as he told us about a man, who is 25 years old, well he has the male external genitalia, a penis but stretched to the base with no testis. and spent his life living as a male. he went to see the doctor and the doctor found out that he actually has the female reproductive organs; the uterus, ovary, fallopian tube etc. He's enganged, he's about to get married and he insists that he wants to be a male and still wants to get married.

and it got us :O

and another one he told us about a woman, a true one. she was married, she gave birth to her child, she lactated her child. then she divorced and suddenly went to the doctor claiming that she is a male. and she wants to be a male.

and another little girl, who is 10 years old, been living as a girl because she has the female genital organ, but she doesnt have the vaginal opening. after some investigations, the doctor found out that she does not have the female reproductive organ. and her karyotype is 23+XY. male karyosome and there's some swelling at the lower part because there are 2 testis hidden there due to incomplete descend of testis (cryptorchidism) , there's no way to bring the testis out there's still no method for the surgery. finally the doctor decided that she should continue as a girl because either way she would be sterile and she's been living as a female anyway.

to know that these kind of things happen a lot do amaze me. and it's not easy to decide what to do with a baby with anomalies of the exernal genitalia. and if the doctor is ignorant enough, he'll just leave the patient be and some years later. that girl or boy, because of the mistake of the doctor will suffer a lot, as he might be raised as a girl just to found out many years later that he is actually a male and vice versa and this happens a lot :O
to think that how could he faces his family, when all throughout his life, he's been treated as a girl, being called a sister, raised as a girl, suddenly found out that he's actually a male. it is unthinkable.

and there;s even a child who changes his sexuality and identification several times because of the anomalies.

and its not a simple decision to be made by a doctor, discussions need to be made with several specialists to determine the sex of the babies.

thank you professor. i was feeling sleepy during the first half an hour of the lecture and then my eyes got as big as they could O.O after hearing the interesting stories :O

so to those yang nak jadi doctor, don't be that ignorant, or other people will suffer for the rest of their lives.

I wonder in Islam, what to do in such conditions? if she has the male karyosome but she's been raised as a girl because of the failure of the development of male genital organs so they thought she's a girl but found of shes actually not many years later, what should she do? If anyone has the answer to this question, please do enlighten me :)


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