Friday, January 6, 2012

officially 20/21

Hellooo peoplee!

hehe ive been quiet for quite a long time, haven't i?well, not literally quiet lah but just quiet from ze blog. and ze social network.
other than twitter. but now pun ive been lazy to open it or write anything etc. i want to retire from all of zese. im gettin' old now.

and i want to talk about a lot of things because i wanted to update this blog since a long time a go but i didnt have time :'( how sad. but if i write about everything it will take more than a day :O
so im just going to sum up everything meshi? :D

ooh talking about old, im now officially 20! :D and unofficially since we're
in 2012 now *say what? i am now unofficially 21 :D
that 2+ used to be something scary when i was in high school. but now i think that 2 doesnt make much different, no?

so how was my birthday *nak jugak ka cerita? haha

thank you for those thoughtful presents and cakes and wishes :)
may Allah bless you all. :)
I can't repay those kindness but insyaAllah they will be rewarded by Him :)

2 new members on ze bed :D

and Happy new year guys! well perhaps im a little bit late. but a week late is acceptable kan? boleh lah.

my new year resolutions! :)

1. try harder to become a better muslimah. try even harder to have the 'cinta kepada Allah dan Rasulnya'. it is not easy but we'll try insyaAllah :)

never gave a serious thought about it but since last year i heard a lot about it and you know, i came to realize that yea, we need to have that. we NEED to. period.

2. Balance my time between dunya (medic, friends, social life *not that kind of social life ya know what im sayin?* and akhirat :) wah wah. yeaaaa we can't just stare at ze books and spend our 24 hours studying without trying to gain knowledge about ze afterlife, right?

3. Study even harder! dont be lazy lah nina a future doctor insyaAllah shouldnt be lazy = =

4. get ready for the next phase of life tho im not sure when is it going to happen. hehe. well everyone should you know. that thing of well-you-know-what.

5. Forget about all the bad things that happened before. As everything happens for a reason. Take those things as lessons and i'll try hard not to repeat the same mistakes again ;(


. well i lost my grandmother. our grandmother. the only one i got to spend my time with. other than my arwah tok, who passed away when i was in standard 6. but it was kind of cloudy since i was still a little kid and all i ever thought was, fun.

i was on my way home. To Malaysia. How ironic?
It happened on my way home. i was a few hours late. Arwah pah was buried in the evening and i arrived there at night. and until now it feels like a dream to me. :(

May Allah bless her soul. Amiin.

. and last year i started to see a lot of changes in that person :)
and it makes me happy :) although they dont see it, or they don't even realize, i do :) dont give up. lets keep trying :)and may we both have a good future insyaAllah :)

. and a lot of things i can't tell. A LOT. some things are better left unsaid :) but well its a pretty rough + challenging yet beautiful year indeed :)

p/s : ouh and yea. i cancelled my swiss trip and im going hope this winter break. gonna fill my stomach until there's no place left in there gahaa *evil laugh

p/p/s : nasal decongestion. ;( been having sore throat, flu, fever sometimes and its very annoying. i want to study lah der not to sleep because of all of you *geram
ouhh i hate winter! ;( and its pretty tak sopan to blow in the class or in front of people. sorry but i couldnt breathe! dah tak kisah dah sopan ke tak! haha

p/p/p/s : exam this end of january and to be honest, im not ready. this module is veryyyyy tough ;(( wahhh i'll try my best lah and the rest is up to Him :)

p/p/p/p/s : seronok gila dapat pegang baby! kthxbai


Izyan Hanis said...

rajin rajin la update blog ye nina


Tintaroo said...

Panjang sgt, buat pendek2 tapi selalu. 1bn lagi da sampai.