Thursday, May 17, 2012

these past 2 semesters

it's been so long since i last wrote that i feel awkward now to write :O
and i've been thinking about the things that im going to write but still, i dont have any idea ;(

medicine has been a bit stressful these last 2 semesters :O not as easy as the previous year i have to say.
perhaps because they have to finish everything up before our clinical year * whoop whoop clinical year dah next year :O*

last module i was busy with arab ammiyah class, the one we willingly took! and then we had aid some more and stuff.
i thought this module is going to be a bit relaxing but no no i was wrong. ada pulak arab ammiyah class university buat. this one is obligatory. i am not willing to go sebenarnya but what choice do i have. 2 jam setengah pulakk di petang hari lepas kelas lecture yang sangat memeningkan hadoi

so how's life in alex?

how's life?
how's life? how???
it was okay i guess. haha
so im gonna write briefly about what happened the past 2 semesters :?

hah this one is unforgettable. i participated in futsal match masa perubatan sport's day.
dapat number 2 woo wewit wewit walaupun main sangat bolok dan memang rasa peluang nak menang sangat tipis setipis kulit bawang. apakah? rezeki kan :) hee

i might have done something quite embarrassing there. ;( huwaa forgive me dear sisters, senior, and anyone for muhafazah lain who were there ;( serious terasa macam sangat gangster itu time. haha.
and 2 days before match tu kitorang semangat gila pergi kapur cari jersey lepas tu tak ada naik teksi pergi sten sten pulak setelah penat berlatih petang sampai tengah malam. nasib baik adidas ada. we bought that baju for 100++ each just to wear it for one day :O berbaloi ke? berbaloi ke? berbaloi lah kut. lol
btw comel kan angry bird kitorang? wewit

and pardon the ugly me in the picture. this is our only picture since semasa tengah main we were all so serabut that we didnt even bother to be in the photos (!) even bila orang nak tangkap i went "nanti nanti sakit kaki ni. sakit kepala ni sakit ni sakit tu" and come to think about it, what was i thinking? gambar kut! haha

and this one, selepas bungkus bungkus makanan for LIFE event. what LIFE?

this was an event organized by arabs and we joined them celebrate the kids in the hospital. we coloured their faces :) draw with them play with them. give them snacks hehe. it was fun. well although it was held during our study leave untuk git yang sangat stressful, i went anyway
sebab aku tahu kalau tak pergi aku akan menyesal sambil buat muka kerut kerut sampai hari ni. haha

habis exam je duit habis. haha. we were given 2 days cuti after a very stressful exam indeed. we were very excited since we weren't given cuti after exam pun before this! dah setahun dah tak ada cuti after exam T,T

 so kami serumah decided to makan makan dekat cr since budak rumah saya busy busy semuanyaa! selalu tiada di rumah except pikah and i, obviously :O

lepas tu bantai the avenger dengan hunger game dengan tayna :O mana tak habis duit. tapi puas hati lah kut hehe nanti kita pergi cafe korea tu pulak ok tayna! :P

 oh memperkenalkan sc baru saya. no more de karamella *my previous sc
luckily most of them are my good friends so its not that awkward :D ngee
and last sc we went the the planeterium :O fuh first time pergi planeterium. ingat apa benda la dalam benda bulat bulat depan bibliotica tu. disebabkan saya jakun, of course saya cakap best! haha untuk orang yang dah pernah pergi tak best sangat lah kut :P

happy teacher's day! actually ini idea budak section kitorang. tapi disebabkan kitorang pening nak fikir prof mana nak bagi since kalau bagi semua gila tak cukup tangan! haha so kitorang bawak ke batch and voila, berlangsunglah sesi pembuatan muffin di mana saya tidak terlibat. sebab saya buat kad :D nasib baik comel *tak perasan kan? hahaha.
after practical class we distributed the muffins to 76 professors of biochemistry and histology :)

lecture C being terlebih semangat siap practice and pakai baju sama colour lagi. hehe. mula mula segan segan I nak bangun wish tu macam poyo pulak haha tapi cikgu mcm muka terharu nak mati sampai mcm nak menangis dah tengok. terus macam wah seronoknyaa :)
diorang macam tak pernah sambut je teacher's day and diorang pelik and even asked us
"you do this in malaysia every year?ive been teaching malaysian students for 4,5 years already, why didnt they do this before?"
tahniah lah batch i-mumtaz yang terlebih semangat and always sangat active and im proud to be in this batch :) kena buat t-shirt i love i-mumtaz la lepas ni ^.^

ini section saya. hobi kami pakai baju sedondon. hari isnin je nak pakai sama colour, lepas tu tangkap gambar. hai mentang mentang semua perempuan :O haha and we're used to being with only girls that when we had to combine class with other section yang ada lelaki kami jadi sangat stress kerana kami terpaksa mengawal tingkah laku dan juga tutur kata dan perbuatan. cannot bising bising makan makan bongok bongok anymoreeee.

teringin nak makan nasi tomato macam mak buat dekat rumah. dengan gigihnya mencuba dan voila jadi nasib baik. sedapnyaa nak buat lagi ^.^

P/S: there, dah habis pun satu post. yea berbangga dengan diri sendiri dapat membuang perasaan malas yang membuak buak. hehe. harap lepas ni tak malas lagi lah kan kan kan :P


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