Sunday, April 4, 2010

what if tomorow never comes?

okay now im gonna talk about something serious. yeah real serious.
whatever things that crossed my mind while watching a Baba Ali's vid,

Who on earth?

I dont really know who he is. I just happened to come across my friend's facebook and found the video

It's about Islam, the way of life actually.
About wearing proper hijab, and something entitled " we're just friends"
yes, guys and girls can never have intimate relationship before marriage because it's haraam
yet yet yet everyone keeps doing that, people including me. :(

well it's just a reminder for me and im sharing it with you people. ergh like that people even existed = =

Urm it's true what he said in the video the 'that's not hijab' one. Wearing hijab nowadays is like a trend.
It's like people dont wear it because they have to anymore,
Instead, they wear it because of their culture, fashion, or because people ask them to do so,
To be sincere in wearing hijab is to wear it because of Allah SWT.
But who are we to judge. He knows better and He is the one to judge.

so not gonna talk much because im not really an expert in talking about this kind of thing. im just trying to share here. am gonna upload the videos here, IF the internet connection goes sane.

well if not, im just gonna copy the url here and, you know what to do xD


KSPCI, well i dont really know what the abbreviation means,
but sure it has someting to do with sports -.-" really?

Well im not a big fan of sports, as in participating in the competitions or anything
i sport for fun,
but you know, im not capable of running so fast, or whatever term you use for running
so i can neither participate in balapan or marathon.

So i participated in long jump and futsal,
which sure, I lost, even when they haven't told me what the result of long jump is,
I am pretty sure I LOST
To see all the seniors jump real far. I was like " are you kidding me? is she an alien or what -__-"
and i have to do one more jump tomorrow kut, but i dont wanna go -__- its my day off.
My day off. not gonna let anything ruins it xD

Fyi our team's name is BUMBLEBEE. say what? whoh.
for those who do not know what bumblebee is, i recommend you watch transformers.
wait, who the heck hasn't watch transformers yet..
It's like the top movie of the year KUT. -_________-
I waited like almost an hour to buy the ticket.

Most of the competitions, we lost,
But it doesnt really matter
haha because everyone knows everyone tried his/her best,
And its not up to us we lose or win,
It's up to Him really :)
if we dont win this year, next time mumkin ? ^ ^

p/s: I just knew that our next exam will be on April 20th.

again, ' are you kidding me?!'
im not prepared but insyaAllah I'll try my best to keep studying and keep memorizing all the freaky new words.

Because if I fail this exam, mara's gonna stop the loan, or scholar or whatever it is
and how the heck am i gonna survive here for the next 6 years kan?



Anonymous said...

ini ke post yg x sempat save tuh?
tulis blk ke

Natasha Athirah said...

nina nina..
kite seyes suke oke yg baba ali..
dier cm best je, and funny..
you, friendly reminder for myself too..

gi la blaja syg..
thnks for everything syg..
seyes thnks..
kite ade update blog kite..
sdh nih oke..sob sob..:D

Natasha Athirah said...


nur hanina said...

gila kau mana ada aku tulis balik tade keje ooh. haha

agak ah shaa
die cm interesting lah tak skema tk boringg.

hehe i read your blog already be tough eh :)