Monday, August 1, 2011

its here!

Yes fasting in Malaysia is great.
everyone's going to bazar ramadhan. eat a lot. cook many kind of dishes. you name it. murtabak tauhu bakar ayam percik etc etc yummy right?
and uhm uhm SOME go to the mosque or surau for terawikh
and as Hari Raya gets near everyone gets so excited . they play mercun bunga api cook a lot waiting preparing for duit rayaa. the open houses the free food (!)

But is it really that meaningful?

Its the first day of ramadhan. Though i dont have the opportunity to go to the mosque for solat terawikh yet or to feel the feeling everyone's feeling, fasting during summer.
and fasting here is long really. it starts at 3 something and ends at 7 something.
and the temperature, haih i rather sit at home.

One day before ramadhan i went to carrefour with a mate.
Its not even weekend , but it looks like, you know, how it looks like a day before raya in Malaysia.
I even cancelled buying groceries because the lines were so long that i couldnt even stand to wait
Everyone was preparing for the first day of puasa :)
There's no bazaar ramadhan here, food aint that important,
what's more important is the niat to increase our deeds this ramadhan because it comes only once a year and we're not sure whether we're gonna meet ramadhan again next year.

And from my room, i can see many lampu raya, the one we see in our hometown, when raya is approaching but here, its for ramadhan!
and everyone feels so sad that its gonna end soon
they dont celebrate raya that much really. because i dont know. they prefer ramadhan more :)
their raya haji celebration is much more happening than raya puasa and you should know why kan.
i wanted to know and feel the difference thats why i stay here a while.
Although its not my luck really this time i believe my time will come and there's a reason behind it :)

Happy Ramadhan.
make it a meaningful one :)

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silah said...

ninaaa selamat berpuasa :)