Saturday, August 6, 2011

wasted time

seriously i wasted most of my time on bed. sleep, watch some movies, eat and sleep again
and the cycle repeats every day.
its not like i can join the tadarus or go terawikh or anything
more time wasted.

so i thought its been a really long time since i last read a novel.
i guess the interest disappeared after spm, because of course, i thought watchingg is way more interesting than reading but thats not it. i came back to my senses and finally realize that reading is way more fun :)
in enhances imaginations and you know, stuff = = do i really need to explain

and you have no idea how much time it took me to choose a book.
because its been way too long since i last bought a book that i wanted to buy something worth it.
i went to the shop like thrice and to the other one like thrice also and spent like more than half and hour each time just to choose = =
i wanted to buy this one' ' the five people you meet in heaven' because i dont know i heard of it somewhere and i was pretty sure it was a good book. its quite famous isnt it but its thin and i wanted a thicker one = =

and i ended up buying this one. because i dont know. nicholas sparks wrote the notebook and a walk to remember which were awesome, both of them. i bet youve heard of those movies, havent you?

well luckily i bought this one because one of my friend actually have the five people you meet in heaven and i get to read both in the end :)

and this is a good movie. especially for doctors out there?
what are we doing? we're wasting out time = =
we're supposed to be reading and never stop reading.
but what am i doing again?
oh yes, im writing a post?
very well.

its really inspiring i love to watch this kind of movies :)
the pursuit of happyness, the great debators and you know, movies like that.
better than watching those useless movies that will decrease your pahala puasa really = =

and its kind of exciting when he mentioned a few medical words that im familiar with and i went " i know this one i know this one!" ok shut up nina

i nnever really talked about going back home kan?
i got quite jealous with those who have safely arrived home/
im still counting the days :O
as you can see my flight is on August 10th , 11 50 in the morning
guess i have to fast on the plane lah = =
and we have to transit for 8 hours and 20 minutes im really hoping they will give us a nice hotel to stay in. please do:( dont be so evil pleaseee :)

okay happy fasting people :) selamat berbuka also :)

p/s: is it wrong to hate someone? well i dont know if this is hatred but please, dont tag me in whatever it is you are tagging because i dont want to even see your name and better off, i hope you never appear in front of me.
im allergic to people who throw away their friends after they found someone :)
i hope im not being harsh, but you were harsh too. so its not my fault really now, isnt it :) have a good day


Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...
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Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...
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Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...
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nur hanina said...

best best!
hehe 2 hari je habis baca :PP
serious ke?
yayy yay ni yg tak sabar nak balik nia!!

Izyan Hanis said...

yg buku 5 people uh kawan kite adee.
die ckp BEST SANGAT :)

nur hanina said...

cite die cm meaningful la
tu yg best hehehe

ainaa said...

dah baca message in a bottle. best!! :D

nur hanina said...

best ke? yay tak sabar nak baca jugak!
tapi nak save baca dlm flight! hee

Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...

nina latest buku die have a little da baca half ^^

nur hanina said...

haha nanti kalau kita da abes baca buku ni kita usha hehe

myeza nur said...

ninaaaa ayt yg bwh 2 aku sukeeee hehhe :p