Friday, September 2, 2011

a quick update

i know its been months since i last updated but i just, couldn't find proper words to write.
and i've been busy? well not really busy lah but didnt have much time to spend in front of ze laptop and heck, i dont know why.

so first i have to write about puasa in egypt. Though I only had the chance to sembahyang terawih twice there but i have to say that its awesome
It ended at 11 for 8 rakaat only but it didnt feel that long. perhaps because it was held in the middle of the padang and we could feel the breeze and everything. and we even held the quran and read along :) its nice really.

pardon the terrible photo. biasalah malam malam tak nampak apa. :D after terawih lepak lepak for a while :)

and then i went home on august 10th. and on my way home, i received a sad news. my grandmother was gone. ;"(
i was late a few hours but nothing could be done kan. it was such a big coincidence that in happened on my way home
and i didnt get to see her for the last time but everything happens for a reason and there should be a good reason behind it kan?

transit at kuwait for 7 hours and wee kami dapat hotel.
i rather transit for a longgggggggggg time and dapat hotel rather than transit less thn 7 hours lepas tu duduk merempat makan tak sedap = = "

asilah terpaksa jadi model hotel. nais kan? :D

i didnt go out that much this time because, i dont know. i dont feel like going out that much. I went to meet my friends just once and they went " asal nina mcm diam eh cuti ni? tak tahu pun nina balik yang lain dengar lah jugak"
hee sorry i dont really have a good explanation for that.
but it feels good to meet them after such a long time. and to be honest, i really miss us ;"(

so i celebrated my first raya in kl. for a few hours only, :P because after sembahyang raya we went to our hometown in perak.
Singgah ipoh abahchik's house and met all the cousins and second cousins whom i haven't met for years!

then off to taiping. reached there at like 11 and cleaned up the house until 4 am! but not me lah because at one i already felt so sleepy and i couldnt even open my eyes so its not my fault really that i went to sleep early
lol dengan baju kebaya mengemop membasuh satu rumah -__________________-"
sangat kental

belambak pokok rambutan nampak? durian ada jugak kat belakang. jealous tak :P

the next day i went to sri kota, my mom's side to meet all the cousinss and as usual lah everyone was there so the house was full with little kids and cousins and uncles and aunties. and it was havoc and loud and funnn :) we had photoshoot with all the props and everything, hehe

the good thinng is i craved for yong taufu and aiskrim bomba and cendol. the best cendol in the world, as they say. Of course lah sebab cendol ada dekat malaysia je so the best in malaysia is the best in the world lah kan :D and they were yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) although i had to wait hours for ze yong taufu and aiskrim bomba = =" they have like dozenss of different kind of ice cream. a must everytime i go back to tepeng :D

pardon gambar tahun lepas memandangkan tahun ni sangat lambat dapat jadi bila dapat makan dengan rakusnya bila dah licin baru teringat "damn! gambar tak ambik!"

budak kecik takboleh duduk diam hehe

we had to come home early since my brother will go back to indonesiaaaa on friday. so we spent our last day with ze cousins and then we went to air terjunnnnnn and barbeque some more (!)
i wasnt planning on mandi-ing at the air terjun because you know how hard it is to change kan but i cant resist the urge to terjun sekali when i saw the others had fun! so yeah, i joined them finally. it was cold it was epic(!)

dekat sini :D

it took 5 hours from taiping to kl and we had to wake up earlyyy in the morning to send hariz off to the airport.

I have to go delay my flight ticket to egypt because its quite early but im sooo lazyyy to go to the office and and you know spend some $$$ for it. because im saving up right now. i have to count every penny i have so i dont spend much because i have so many things to buy and to bring to egypt *cry baby cry*

and im going to spend a few days in the hospital usha-ing around since someone went "kalau bosan datang lahh ikut tengok goyang goayang kaki, nyanyi nyanyi dalam operation room tu ikut ikut lah tengok masuk icu ke just for exposure kan"
so yeah perhaps im going to do attachment because i desperately need some exposures because i dont know i think after 2 years ++ studying medic, i should know some medical stuff. not just the things in the book and practical in egypt is SO NOT ENOUGH.

and he warned me " JANGAN JANGANN KAHWIN TIME BELAJAR, tak ada faedah langsung"
lol so i had a thought about " kalauuuu TERkahwin awal pun boleh lah kut" because you know seeing people around
but after hearing that i went 'ooh that's so not gonna happen'
tho i think that part about tak ada faedah langsung tu, some wouldnt agree kan. perhaps ada lah faedah dia but not for me lahh perhaps for other people. hehe
im so young and i am so not ready for that. becauseeeeeee i have a life ahead, i have to think about study, about work, continuing my study and some people, like me, just can't survive having too many responsible. as a student, which is a BIG one already, and a 'wife' *sedang tahan vomit okay just having a thought about that* and i dont have a calon lagi ^.^" yang ada calon tak terlibat yer :D

and i so don't want to rushh because i don't know it is a big thing and im afraid because of the rush, i suffer my whole life T.T

okay since thats not gonna happen, kut. just shut up and stop thinking about it = ="

ouh and mereka bilang result keluar esok. dont trust them really cakap je before raya what happened = =
im quite nervous really. i dont put much hope since my result jatuh menjunam last sem although of course who doesnt want another excellent kan? = = but if my result drop jugak pasrah je im ready for that jugak although nanti menangis guleng guleng jugak seriously. but im hoping for the best :D

so i guess its not to late to wish everyone selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin :)) and good luck result :O


Izyan Hanis said...

selamat hari raya ninaa
minta maaf salah dan silap

err. mana nya lagi pic raya?

hah! tu la. kite pun berdebar debar cek fb takut takut ade link result [ baru balik dr kg, kg xde tenet]

tengok tengok. xkuar lagii.

oh ya.
kullu sanah wenti bikhaer

miss asilah said...

tema biru nampak haha :p weh kat kampung aku ada gak dusun buah, rambutan manggis, tak heran lah ninaa :D

jeles gak tgok korang hangout ngan cousins. kazen2 aku sume mana ntah haha

nur hanina said...

hehe thanks iezy. gambar raya takde kat kita la semua kamera orang hehe

ala tapi nak result cuak pun :( hee you too iezy :D

haha tadenye aku je biruuu. ala yeke tapi aku suka manggis tak suka sangat rambutan durian hahaha fine fine
cousin aku semua dah besar besar gedabak weh yg kecik kecik mostly anak sdare.