Thursday, September 8, 2011


yeahhh after waitinggg for almost a month or two, it finally came out(!)
and it was okay, alhamdulillah for that,
overall out batch's result improved a lot.
and im happy for that *wink wink
it seems that everyone is working hard and hard to achieve it.

naik. turun. naik. turun.
the hardest thing to do is to maintain,
and whats even harder is trying to figure out which way of study suits you, or me in this case
its like every sem is a gamble = =.
change your way of study every sem ,kalau result jatuh lah and see how it turns out.

and i spent too much time with books last sem sampai tak mahu pergi takafuh, and if all of my friends went out for dinner or anything, i was the only one left home, simply because, i wanted to study =.="

but my result was, bad. freaking bad. down down masuk longkang.

so i knew i was wrong its not only about studying, i know that however hard you work,
in the end, what determine the outcome is not only the effort, but His berkat.
Well whatever He gave you, im sure He has a better plan for you

And alhamdulillah because of the bad one He gave me, i tried to be flexible. Pergi takafuh, orang ajak keluar. because your life doesnt linger around books only kan. kalau ada aktiviti, ikut lah yang mana best :P Kalau study bagai nak rak, berkat tu tak ada, redha tu tak ada, tak jadi jugak, kan :)

and i tried so hard to change everything i did that i thought was wrong. i bought a new table. zzzz mahal doh, and kerusi pusing pusing and tried so hard to find a comfortable place to study.
i didnt go to the library that often no more! :P ah one more thing that i thought was hard is trying to figure out what you did wrong. grr was it because of the kerusi murah that made me so unproductive, was it because i went to the library too often tapi study tak sangat = = was it because i didnt go to takafuh? was it because of etc etc too many things that i thought was wrong

susah nak tengok aku yang saving nak mampos beli meja kerusi mahal macam ni. beli sehari lepas dapat result sem lepas sebab takut sejarah berulang :P i did what i had to do :P menangis woo habis duit

i may not have the best result among them but it was something i should be grateful for :) and i hope it maintains after this walaupun zzz
haih, takut pulak nak masuk third year -.-"

terima kasih jugak kepada best buddy aku ni ha sebab suka tanya soalan pelik pelik yang buat aku kena study banyak kali and figure out jawapan kepada soalan pelik dia ni. haha
to be honest aku ni tak reti study in group so memang aku sorang sorang je lah belajar. minah ni je yang berani dan percaya serta yakin untuk tanya soalan dekat aku. haha = = aku pun selalu kalau ada orang tanya aku, tak sah kalau aku tak pergi tanya orang lain :P

congratulations everyone :)


♥Shakila Seha Shaari♥ said...

congrate nina.. :D sebenarnya xtau result nina apa, sebab x tgok result org len, tgok dri sndri jak pastu tekan X. :P tp dpt agakla mesti dpt angkat lg kan.. congrate yaa.. :)

dR caRdiotHoracIC said...

congrate jugak!

pikah said...

terharu sih!!! :))

ainaa said...

betul ckp nina.
yg penting act berkat.
kalau study kuat mana pun tp x de berkat, ssh gak.
btw,congrats nina!
and congrats to everyone gak:)

p/s:berbaloi dowh meja mahal .;p

nur hanina said...

haha tade lah okay okay jela kak seha. hee thanks thanks :) kak seha pun congrats jgugkk :D

kau tak paya raan mmg sepuluh kali lagi aku kena congrats kau hebat sangat haha

jangan nak terharu sangat la pika :P

betul tu ainaa sokong! hehe.
so kena la cari berkat tu. tu yg kena pandai pandai balance tu. hehe thankss congrats gak ainaa. :P meja mahal pun belajar atas kotak/katil jugak haha