Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hena maugud maakulat. kuwaiz awwi :)

wah wah okay im starting to get jealous seeing friends' photos who went overseas to further their studies :O

haha selama ni tak pernah bukak pun sebab tu baru jealous hari ni = =
the places are breathtakingly beautiful

at first i went

but when i spend a little time to think about it
i came to a conclusion that
it doesnt really matter.

duduk egypt pun best jugak because of ze FOOD
chinese thailand melayu indian arab western italy you name it
and theyre all halal and yummy and affordable :)

and the currency here is low. 1 ringgit = 2 genih. so you do the math :)
banyak lagi tapi itu je yang sounds interesting :O
and nehh, bila cuti still boleh pergi their beautiful places kan :)

ouh nak upload food photos here ;( but all the photos are gone since that stupid perompak took my laptop and all my memories in it vanished in a blink of eye/
thanks a lot brother. thanks a lot.

and to friendss who are currently studying wherever it is youre studying
all the best and im happy for you :)) tak dengki ok jealous je :P



miss asilah said...

kannn!! huhu kite tak dengki tapi jeles jek hahah :D

Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...

._____. nina,jeles jugak D; sobs3

Izyan Hanis said...


jeles gilaaaa
sedih pn ada

tapi kene bersyukur
bak kat nina :D

Izyan Hanis said...

* bak kata nina


nur hanina said...

hehe kan kan tapi tape nanti cuti boleh pergi jalan jalan negara diorang weee

ainaa said...

yup, the best thing in egypt is food!
tp rasa jeles tu x leh nak lari..sejujurnya mmg jeles ngan dorang. huhu :/

smua org ada rezeki masing2.