Friday, August 17, 2012

hello people :)

yaw. hehe . assalamualaikum :)
one day of ramadhan left ;( sob sob i could have done so much more ;(
and syawal is coming in a few days.
i haven't done my shopping yet. not planning to,
but come to think about it.
i don't have shoes or enough clothes. so i NEED to buy something tomorrow *alasan :p

so last week i had the chance to listen to ustaz azhar idrus alhamdulillah.
semangat adik aku "kakyang esok ada UAI kat masjid!"
last last dia yang tak pergi. ngok ngek :p
hee ive always wanted to listen to him live and it was an opportunity i couldn't miss :)
the mosque was full with people. my brother said even solat jumaat tak ramai macam ni.
i feel happy and glad. im proud and happy that people are starting to become interested in reminders and tazkirah. everyone wants to learn more about islam, halal wal haram and something related to akhirat not only dunya :) so say yay to everyone. YAY :)

i sat at the back because i was late :P can you spot UAI? hee

and last tuesday i had iftar with my ex-classmates :)
it has been a few years ;( and i missed them. especially this girl down here, milah!
glad i could finally see you! :)
one of my three best friends. i'll meet you soon mea :) and aina, selamat beraya di US sanaa haha tu lah hang tak mahu balik :p

i'll see you guys again after raya insyaAllah

So selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin :) sorry for all my wrongdoings. i know i made a lot of mistakes ;( i made a lot of stupid mistakes ;( thats even sadder. so again, im sorry :) 

p/s: well result is coming out in a few days (hopefully).
one thing i learned is is don't ever put 100% trust in them when they say result is coming out. their tomorrow means next month! (sometimes, eh, well most of the times ;p) so good luck people!

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