Wednesday, August 19, 2009


a week to go,
living in kuantan pahang
last saturday my housemates and i went to teluk chempedak
our motive : take lots of pictures
and we succeeded:D

hell, it was fun!:D
played volleyball by the beach
and you know conteng conteng a lot of things on the sand.
at least ada jugak something nak buat rather than sitg at home do nothing but watch movie 24/7.
getting bored already

tanye ustaz, ada graduation tak, die kate ada
mcm bes je graduation
i never had one
okay, once only when i was in standard 6, but daaa, i took a trophy and some pictures and went home,
never had a real graduation -.-'

lately i kept thinking about my old life and friends,
haha such a waste of time kan,
but i just can't help it.
i really enjoy my life here but you know still, i miss my old life , old friends, old place
hehe.. i miss them sooo much and i love them sooo much!
bile nak buat gathering ni,
nk ikut ckp ban ke, wat 5 years after?
sadis gile,

and yeah aku fly 29 september:D
about a week after raye
the same day hariz's going back to indo
wee going back to egypt
second country.
fly skali ngn budak ikip
aduh dah ar tak knal diorang
bapak bosannn -.-
next week balik ada pre-departure
dapat duet boleh shopping


Puteri Sepi said...


nak gather bila ni??

3 hari lepas raya mau?

ntah2 aku dah kena fly g london masa tu


nur hanina said...

raye ketige?
boleh kut
jum la weh
aku nak gile jumpe korang