Monday, August 3, 2009


again, one more day
stuck in this house with nothing and nothing and nothing to do
you know just flirting around watching movies, chatting talking and a little bit of memorizing arab ammi.


H1N1 yeah the same thing everywhere
colleges and universities are closing
still waiting, when shahputra is going to close-.-
matriks and uitm, where most of my ex-schoolmates are studying; they took the raya holiday and carry it forward for H1N1 holiday. ah seems like i will not have the chance to meet them before leaving.:(

last saturday we played bowling
overall it was fun but you know the guys booked the lanes for us, i wonder why didn't they let us play side by side. instead they took the middle
they killed all the fun i'm going to kill them back!
it was supposed to be housemates'-day-out whatever
we planned on watching the proposal but the movie wasn't out yet
stupid it was supposed to be out on july 30th. i've been waiting for that movie

then sunday came; nothing to do, aha monday came,
we were told to stay at home no need to go to college because everyone is getting sick,
we can't even go out
how the heck am i going to live like this??
\just let us go home for God's sakes!


Anonymous said...

ade org ckp org amerika yg saje sent virus ni sbb nak hapuskan umat islam. wallahualam. tak tau la. aku demam dr kamis lepas sampai arini (seminggu!!) pun tak elok2 lagi, at last kene tahan kat hosp sg buloh, alhamdulillah tade pape, demam bese je. doa la byk2 hapuskan virus ni

DrPqah said...

ahah weh bes tak roommate aku +H1N1 da ar aku mmg dok sebilik ngn die pastu balik tu aku terus demam panas tapi aku tak cek pun H1N1 malas.haha