Saturday, September 8, 2012

day 2; HUKM

2nd day was an epic failure

I left home at 6 hoping that one hour is enough to reach HUKM at 7.

reached masjid jamek at 6.30. didn't know where to go. ended up pusing pusing to find the star station.
wasted a few minutes there. patah balik. then we went on the train finally yay.

oh nay. just realised that we were on the wrong train.
patah balik. wasted more time T.T ended up reaching HUKM at 7.38.
kena marah ;P

"patut pukul 7 dah kena ada sini.", doctor tu cakap.
;( sedih. followed another doctor. He met some patients and after that he gave a lecture to the fifth year students. i joined them. hehe now i miss listening to the lecturer in front ;( and the lecture at my university is more interesting i think ;p maybe because the lecture i listened to just now was actually a presentation by the students, and further explained by the doctor.

i didnt understand all of them but at least i understand half of what they're saying ;p i have to recall everything that i learned before. luckily, heart is one of my favourite part :D
the doctor kept asking us. " faham tak? faham tak?" and i went "paham la sikit sikit ;p"

then went to the clinic. one by one patient came in. di sini saya hanya duduk mendengar dan tidak berani mengganggu kerana doktor kelihatan sangat stress. -.-"
and then the specialist came in tanya "nak balik dah? ehh datang lambat nak balik awal"
pergh sentap walaupun nada macam gurau2 -.-"

it ended at 12. singgah at kamal's in front of HKL to buy tayna's lab coat.
balik, tidur sebab penat dan stress

p/s: kalau kena marah saya memang akan tension. kalau kena marah benda yang saya tak salah lagi lah double triple tension.


Anonymous said...

nina, br 2 hari tu dah tension..

nina said...

haha salah sebab datang lambat :P kene salahkan diri sendiri la :P

Izyan Hanis said...


im still reading ;p

harada57 said...
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