Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 1; HUKM

Day 1

Reached HUKM at 7.20
went to ward 5J. followed the doctor to do his round. went to the ICU. 
went to the operation room. then i was asked to change into their clothes. i didnt know they always bring their own tudung. so i ended up wearing the most ridiculous tudung ever. -.-" all grey uniform with a pair of crocs.
went to the pantry. a few doctors were there. 

"dah makan?"
"eh tapelah"
"tak, dah makan tak?"
"nah amik ni" while giving me sebungkus nasi lemak ayam. dah menyemak, dapat makan minum free lagi -.-"
talked about egypt, belly dance and stuff.
then the other specialists came, and then we went to the operation room.

the patient was a male 58 years old guy. His aortic valve wasn't functioning anymore so they replaced it with an artificial valve made of bovine pericardium. 
 i didnt know what to do. there were a lot of nurses and staffs.
then they started opening up the body, cut the sternum, and the tissues and then i could see the heart beating, live :O
woah it was amazing :O the heart that we saw in the university was already old, hard and not so real since it was preserved for a long time. to see a beating heart and lung in front of my own eyes was amazing :O untuk orang yang jakun macam saya ;) hehe
i could see the enlarged and overly stretched aorta. it was very thin. and the right atrium was also thin, that it bled on touch..

one of the specialist called me to look at the operation closely, so i stood very close to the patient, behind the patient's head, and i saw everything very clearly :D One of the specialists explained to me what they were doing.
'He's cutting the thymus now. it looks fatty because he's already old'
'Can you see? He's now connecting the tube to the aorta'
'Look. the aorta is very thin, because of the regurgitation, the aorta has to put extra effort, so it became bigger, stretched, and very thin.'
and so on

 It was amazing. then they connected the SVC, IVC and aorta to a machine ,it was an extracorporeal circulation. then they stopped the heart and lung, and let the machine took the function of them both while doing the operation.

Well all this while, i thought an operation is a very serious procedure, with everyone concentrating, but i was wrong. they talked, laughed, listened to dangdut music, but still managed to perform the operation nicely. it wasn't stressful at all for me. but he said to me just now " semalam tu stress, sebab tak sihat, tak best sangat". habis tu kalau yang tak stress tu macam mana lah agaknya :O 

The op started at 8 i think, and ended at about 3 pm :O a very long one indeed.
and tomorrow insyaAllah i'll be seeing a coronary bypass surgery :)


Anonymous said...

baiknye doktor2 ni..

Izyan Hanis said...

besst! keep on updating nina ;p

nur hanina said...

aah semua baik baik tapi mostly busy ;(

nampak gaya macam dah habis je 3 hari ni hehe