Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HUKM; day 5

Let's not talk about day 4 okay T,T

so first, the doctor, a neurosergeon brought me to the ward,
first thing he said

"you know, communication is very important. doctor should not treat patients like they are stupid. Sometimes they know more than us. We now have iphone, they can simply search about their problem and they'll find everything. We have to know so many things, that sometimes we don't know about certain things. If we don't know something, say that we don't know lah don't make up stories"

well something like that. how can i remember the whole conversation, kan?

and then we went to the ward.
there was a patient, his treatment was delayed for a month

"sometimes the doctor didn't do anything, because they think if they don't treat the patient, it won't be harmful, they won't be treating him for the wrong treatment they think. but not treating itself is harmful"

He explained that when he first came to the hospital, they failed to reach the diagnosis, so they didn't treat the patient. He was referred to the neuro department after a month, but it was already too late.
So they treated the patient only to reduce pain and one more i do not remember = =.

Then we went to see a baby, a few years old, with opened arachnoid membrane, it caused an increase in the intra cranial pressure because of the csf leakage. pity her ;"(

after that, along with 3 specialists, 4 m/o and some nurses they did their round at the ward. Then at 10 we went to the clinic

Looking at a baby's CT scan. I could see that the baby's brain is atrophied.

he said something like in city like KL. husband goes to work, wife also has to go to work. they send their baby to the nursery. Some people shake the babies too hard to make them fall asleep. they goncang goncang the baby, use the buaian, sometimes they buai too hard it can cause concussion. You know, when we buai the baby too hard the baby terlambung and fall back again. The brain can be atrophied. poor babies ;"( And he said most of these babies are chubby. Because they feed the babies a lot to make them fall asleep. then they shake the baby so hard they thought the babies are already asleep when actually the baby went into coma, pengsan already. Banyak jugak case macam ni dia cakap

Then a patient with an 8 months baby came in, his head is slightly big, but perhaps its just genetic, he has 2 sutures on his head. They did a surgery to decrease the ICP. What's the first sign?, he asked. I said increase in the size of the head. tett, salah. The first sign is irritability. I asked him, will the head look bigger? hydrocephalus? He said that we can't really depend on the physical, that's why we are called clinician. First sign is actually irritability. ooh :D

Then the second patient came in, she was an 16 ke 18 y/o chinese. they talked in chinese i couldnt understand a thing. But then the doctor explained to me. This case is kind of interesting :D the patient has deja vu, cannot understand what people are talking about. and the doctor thinks she has absent seizures because sometimes she's standing in front of someone, and a moment later she realizes that she's already behind that someone :O
Some people may think she's crazy that she's talking nonsense. that;s why she hesitated to tell her problems to the doctor. but when the doctor assured her that its okay, only then she opened up. The doctor said her ICA is stenosed, and may cause ischaemia to the brain. That may be the reason of her problems. and i saw on the paper it's written kawasaki disease :D

he said i have to decide what kind of doctor i want to be. I have to consider everything. One thing to consider is what kind of lifestyle that i want. don't choose something i can't handle

"being a neurosurgeon is hard. Cases usually come at night. and they can't delay it until tomorrow. if a patient comes with a problem can we simply tell them, please come again tomorrow? the patient will die la you have to do it at that time. not like ophtalmo they can simply ask them to come tomorrow it's okay"

:O and he also said that many female neurosurgeons are not married :O whoa. cheh baru ingat nak consider neuro :p

and then after the clinic ended, there was a doctor, she's an egyptian. Well i already know that she's an egyptian since last week but she doesn't know im studying in alex. But when one of the specialists told her that im studying in egypt, she asked "which part of egypt"


and she laughed and she looked so excited " this is like a big laugh to me" while laughing,
She came to me and we talked a bit. She left alex 6 years ago, and haven't been there ever since, except for that one time just for 2 or 3 days. She graduated from alex uni jugak :D
I asked her "you know dr farid and dr haitham?" she said yes. then i told her they passed away and she looked sad. Talked about HM haha. about the election. She was surprised syafik was even nominated. and i said "right! we were surprised too! thank God he didn't win!" ;p and she said yeah it was hard back then, and the revolution just had to be done. it gave people hope :) yeah i know that. heard that a lot from the egyptians :) She said she likes to live in malaysia and she's gonna stay here. and i said i like alexandria ;p and we talked and talked then i went home ;p

p/s: mcm tergantung tapi malas sambung. hehe
p/s/s : conversation tu tak tepat okay tapi lebih kurang la. come on la its not like i record the whole conversation kan nak ingat satu satu ;p
p/s : ALL the doctors tak kira lah M/O ke specialist are nice. Very nice. tak nampak stress sangat pun. tak pernah kena marah semua :) tak tahu lah kalau tempat lain kan :/


Izyan Hanis said...

ninaaa. baru nak tanya ni. hahaha
nina buat attachment sorang sorang ke?
waaaaa. berani nyaaaaaa ninaaa !

btw scaryyy kan rocking baby syndrome tuh
*betul ke rocking baby? memandai je kite >.<*
tapi dulu penah femes la kes goncang goncang baby --> boleh bawak maut

nur hanina said...

haha kadang kadang qistina ikut.
kalau tak sorang la
tapi seronok gak sorang. doctor explain kat kita sorang je ;p

kan kan? baru tahu kita tak pernah dengar sebelum ni wuuu.
dia ckp frequent case ni. nanti ada anak tak boleh buat mcm tu hihi

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