Monday, February 22, 2010

an addiction.

This is such a torture

I am tortured.

Huwaaaa. T____________T *no, seriously i feel like crying right now*

It started last night, when i was staring at the laptop,
a thought came across my mind

nina : "weh ape kate kita puasa facebook ngn ym seminggu"

asilah tk : "oh okay set!"

and yeah, thats how it started. just like that

Its been almost 24 hours since i last signed in my facebook and ym account
and you know, studying with this bloody laptop in front of me,
You have no idea how i feel. knowing that i could just type my not-so-long id, click the log in button and tah-dah,

but i control myself, theres no turning back,

you have to finish what you started

and i have to be strong.

huwaaaa its normal for me to refresh my fb again and again, every half an hour, check my notifications, reply what needed to be replied, read peoples status.

but now.

another night , still staring at the laptop helplessly

i can stand the dont-online-for-a-week if,
only if

a) there is no internet connection and i am aware that theres no possibility that i can go online
b) I am busy doing something else
c) I am away from home doing other things.

but no, this time the internet connection is, urh i cant say that its good, but the globe is there; and i can go online. and i am like super duper boring, and i dont have any other things to do other than revising hell yes for sure.

Facebook, ym are like caffeine in my nescafe,
An addiction i cant control.
But you know, if i dont stop now, then when/?
I have to put an end to this freaking addiction
I want to live a normal life.

These two shitty things are big destractions for me

luckily, blogger is not a part of the deal.
so here i am,
writing and writing. finding the right words to say.

ONE WEEK and its all over.

Just one week nina.

I hope i can make it. Im not sure myself. This one day feels like a year for me.

Go nina go!

p/s: tolong jangan contohi perangai saya. tak elok bukak facebook dengan ym tapi dah terbiasa hari hari online benda benda tu daripada form 1 lagi T_T. sangat teruk kan saya *sigh*


a M i e said...

go go nina~

a M i e said...

go go nina~

a M i e said...

go go nina~

nursyahera bt bahtiar said...

sy deactivate acc. :D
*rummate jugak yg suruh addehhhhhh

hanif hafiz said...

xkan mampu menahan

karakoza said...

I know what you mean..the temptation is almost unbearable when you use the laptop to study. It's there,just in front of us..waiting for us to type in a few words and push one damn button..

Just give up nina. You know you can't do it. :P

Anonymous said...

gdluck nina!

nur hanina said...

aku sedang berusaha ni amie.hehe

pergh kau syera kau deactivate? smalam an aku ada terfikir nak deactivate do tapi aku pk pk balik consequences die, tak jd deactivate, haha

saya sudah berjaya 15% insyaAllah boleh berjaya 100%. gaga

nur hanina said...

yeah exactly. especially when i study with my laptop open in front of my damn 2 eyes!i dont think i can but i want to and im gonna make it happen, hopefully. haha

thank you nad!

Natasha Athirah said...

nina jgn deactivate,if not tanak kwn..
yup2, skit hati and temptation gile kuat cm magnetic force or gravitational force around the Earth..physic..hahaha..
go nina, u can do it..after a week, on9 24 7 baby!! xD

nur hanina said...

haha sebab korang la kita tak deactivate tau. hehe
tasha! tak boleh on 24/7 after that ada exam! hahaa

Natasha Athirah said...

hehehe..after exam, mse holiday, heaven!!
bajet x..
thnks nina, love u more! <3

shifa said...

nina gudluck!!!:D