Friday, February 5, 2010

oh so its here already? really? = =

So yea yea yeaaa yeaa

Winter break is here. am i supposed to be happy or what?

this is more like a study leave to me,
exam in less than a month. cool. cool. cool
lets make it a longer version of cool


well i have 0 plan for this holiday
except for revising all the subjects i do not understand.
only if i have the mood. so i hope the mood will be there all holiday long or else i aint gonna touch nothing
nothing for heaven's sakes.
why is medic so hard anyway? hee

ooh yeah

p/s : kalauuu kau orang dah jalan jalan jauh jauh tu jangan la lupa aku okay :) souvenirs babes souvenirs itu penting! xD

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