Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am not a lunatic ;(

Holiday is almost over.

Well i cant really say this holiday is the best i ever had,
because obviously, it is not.

I just spent my holiday taking people in and out,
went to Zagazig, to clear a little space in my mind.
and home again, took people here and there.

A lot of money spent tho i went nowhere. cool/ oh so not cool.

The thing that keeps bothering me, day and night, sleep or awake,


God knows how much exam drives me insane.
The stupidest thing is they set our exam after our holiday
so i spent my holiday worrying about exam all the time, wherever i was.

and you know, coming home from wherever, seeing others holding their books, revising, studying,

ruins my mood.

seriously, i cant stand watching them read and keep on reading while i was, uhm God knows wherever i was.

The thing is, this holiday ive been busy with stuff. i tried to spend my time at home, but things keep bothering me with this plan and that plan,
Ive been spending so little time on books.

and you know, reading people's status like,



*study time starts now*

*ah pening nye chapter ni*

*ooh study study. exam nak dekat *

*sakitnya kepala baca bku buku ni*


They drove me even crazier


i beg you, like really begging you/?
because seriously people drive me crazy with such status.
everytime i read such kind of status, i go mad realizing that everyone has been very busy studying while i was away, doing freaking other things

ARGH now i want to scream at the top of my lung.

and please again, stop doing the now-i-ask-and-you-answer-the-question kind of thing.
especially during our day out. it was supposed to be a day out, out from the world of books and stuff.
i wanted to stop thinking about exam and enjoy my outing. and when people ask things like that, and i couldnt answer the bloody question, i became depressed thinking

"how could i not know the answer for the question? exam is just around the corner for heaven's sakes!


not in a good mood

always not in a good mood. now i feel like crying already T_T

and yesterday listening to the talk by prof hatta and his wife,
i realize that life isnt such an easy thing,
its not a game, it needs sacrifices that i do not know whether or not i am ever going to be able to make it,
And they have been married since 19/ thats my age fyi.


how on earth did they manage their time with the marriage, and their kid with the exams, during h/o, yet still be able to become a very very successfull person, now. How did it ever occur in their mind that during final year, when they had no one to take care of their kid, they decided one of them must fail the exam.

That is such a big thing to do,
and i dont know whether or not im gonna be able to make such decision ;(

i want to be a good person.
i really want to.

and trying . -__-

and for those who went for holiday and brought home some souvenirs for me,
big thanks
i do appreciate it.

it doesnt really matter if you dont give me nothing
no hard feelings.

i was just joking around when i said

"jalan jalan tu jangan lupa aku."

seriously, no hard feelings. but then, you guys still brought me something from wherever you were.

thank you very much. i love you guys :)


hanif hafiz said...

selamat menyambut hari peperiksaan.
selamat bercuti.

nur hanina said...

cuti nak habis dah pun

hee thank you anyway

karakoza said...

I think it's wrong to have the exams after the holiday. It should be the other way around. That's what they do here in Mansoura anyway.

...the exams just kill the holiday mood, don't cha think?

nur hanina said...

very very wrong
exactly what im trying to say
this is not holiday,
we cant even call this holiday
this is more like a study leave for me. T_T

hanif hafiz said...

Selamat bercuti utk sniorla... Yg kecik2 ni g blja. Jawab exam elok2..

nur hanina said...

kureng kureng
haha tape tape.
beljar itu best kan. LOL
selamat melancong ke mana mana. gaga

a M i e said...

hoh, saba nina~
aku pun x stadi ag.. heee:D

nur hanina said...

haha sedang bersabar ni amie :)