Sunday, July 11, 2010

3 days and im as free as a bird.

Okay now is the critical time
every time, everytime im trying to read the damn books,
i cant help but to imagine slash plan slash think about what am i gonna do when i get back home
and even when im trying to yell "3 days and you can think about home all you want but right now, please concentrate!"

But i cant help it!
and yes, this exam is killing me,
but i dont have eyebag and i sleep at a proper time, unlike during the previous exams :D

and is the 2 months holiday enough/?
na-ah i dont think it is,
i have tons and tons of things to do
can i have like a one year leave please?

1 comment:

Asilah Mahmod said...

da tak sabar nak berpisah ngn rumet lah tuh huhu ;(