Thursday, July 22, 2010


well people say a picture paints a thousand words.
so im just gonna upload some pictures here
*padahal excited nak upload gambar dah lame tak dapat internet laju :P*

jamuan section 2. hehe can you see my name over there? i wonder why did they write jijie's and naqib's name in a tooth? and a bone? erk

i took this pic when i was waiting to get in the plane. qatar airways nice one :) good food, good movies good songs, they have hey jude and wonderfalls. yaw loving it!

doha airport.

this is awish,kakyung's son.
i couldnt stop playing with him because he is sooo cute and kind and quiet and just you know, go with the flow. can i keep him? :P

this is joleng. she looks just like her mother, but her mother is gone, idk where she went.
i remember taking care of her when she was little. now she's all grown up.
ceh mcm cakap pasal orang je.

and this is kit's. there are 4 or 3 but i only found 2 when i took the picture

first stuff i bought here. lawak kampus. my brother made me buy this. hampeh betul

my pictures when i was a little girl
love the frame
kind of classic eh? :D

this is my sijil penghargaan kononnyelah. thank you guys love you! xoxo


hanif hafiz said...

template baru

Asilah Mahmod said...

heh yeah blog berwajah baru

comel giler kucing kauu.haha

nur hanina said...

terpaksa tukar. gahaa

hehe comel kan?
yg joleng tu satu satunye kucing aku brani pegang:P

Asilah Mahmod said...

sbb joleng la dye merelakan ko pegang2 dye, coz tak bape nmpk..

kalo kucing lain, nmpk ko terus lari muahaha