Thursday, July 15, 2010


Because we used to be best friends.
Now I am just one person you meet at the supermarket, heh?

Nothing is better than the sound of the rain,
And im gonna hear them soon,
InsyaAllah :) *eh ada hujan lagi kan :P

Officially our final sem 2 was over.
I don’t know whether to sigh or to smile
Smile because the burdens had finally gone. The readings, the memorizing, well at least for 2 months or so,
To sigh because the questions were way too hard for us,
Well I guess, It’s just that not so many questions came out,
Not worth reading the whole books, but you see the point of learning is not for exam, but for Allah and for life, for the sake or everyone, no?
I never was this unprepared. I am always unprepared but this time, I was over-unprepared
So along the way to the university I prayed and prayed to Allah the Almighty,
As He’s the only One that never fails to help me, in any time, any condition
Alhamdulillah :D

So some I could answer some I couldn’t.
Guess same goes to everyone.
And next week today, im gonna be gone.
Gone gone gone
I’ll come back for good
So don’t miss me ya, Egypt ^.^

p/s: exam habis tak tahu nak buat ape! :P


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