Saturday, July 17, 2010


sebelum sangat tak sabar nak balik malaysia
okay, still tak sabar tapi,

kenapa rasa macam nak menangis jee?

sad because everyone's leaving
levelmates, we're not gonna live in the same house anymore,
everyones living in her own house now
no more chaos,
no more bolok-ness in the house

roommates, haha now who's gonna listen to my stories?
i guess i have to keep the stories to myself now, heh?
no more hang out, no more " waa korang tinggal aku lagi"
no more arguments over stupid things * this is for you hafsah* :P
TK and Asilah, tak boleh dengar kite bebel lagi T.T
love you guys till the end :DD

sectionmates; haha since ksp kelas sama, datang egypt, sama kelas lagi,
some of them, sama group
next year we're gonna have diferent sectionmates and groupmates,
no more tutorials,
the last jamuan everyone was so happy, it was fun,
but the fun will be gone.

We have to be strong. in the end, the person who leaves, and the person who watches him./her leave, both have to be strong

I have to be strong
You have to be strong


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