Thursday, May 13, 2010

international day

This is my first experience with international day
But some of the egyptians and arabians and nigerians call today ' Malaysian day'no no baby this is so not malaysian day . this is OUR day. International day :DD

Today is a day where four nationalities, Malaysians, Egyptians , Saudi Arabians, and Nigerians share our traditions, cultures through our national clothes, traditional performances such as dikir barat for Malaysians, the booths etc etc

Malaysia's booth was so creative and cute and pretty with all the kompangs and our traditional clothes with slides and kain batik and everything

So it started with bacaan al-Quran, the awards of ideal students, SE or SC whatsoever. -__-

then the slides from four different countries,
including Malaysia,
there were some pictures of nasi lemak and roti canai and teh tarik and the islands the places and some of clapped so hard and some of us even cried watching the video. haish overnye.

Okay you should understand how much we miss malaysia

the best part, the performances.
Ive been waiting so long to watch the performance especially the first year's performance, by our lecturemates, hehe. why?

because from my room, i could hear them practice almost every evening, and also yesterday, until midnight. I couldnt have a perfect nice sleep every evening because of them . LOL -__-

but you know, i forgave them since their performance was AWESOME
it was so enjoyable, they were funny creative smart and everything.
I was like " tolong jangan habis cepat !"
yelah everyone was so semangat during practice,
whenever we wanted to make tutorial they were like " ooh aku busy la ada dikir barat hari ni"
or " ish dikir barat lah wehh " and i was like " okay okay fine"
but the result: pergh mantap sekali :D hehehe

sila jangan perasan over over, but im pretty sure none of them read this. hehe

And the performances from egyptians nigerians and saudi arabians werent bad either.

They were also so semangat and everything. hehheehe. but of course we didnt understand what they were trying to do. with the dances their singings hee not bad either.
It was fun, you know

Im looking forward for next year's international day :D wee hee talk to me baby

p/s: woi bile result nak keluar ni tak larat aku nak tunggu


Natasha Athirah said...

ok sgt best je yg malaysian punya tu..
ahaa, hidup malaysia..
org malaysia ni pun miss sgt org kt mesir tu..
hope to see you guys very soon..

ok2 not malaysia,
but tasha..

shifa said...

bestnye nina!!