Friday, March 12, 2010

do not give up :)

2nd post in 24 hours.

yes, because i cant stand this craziness.
shoot, i am so hating you for everything that youve done.
for making my eyes go darker each day, for the pimples, for the messy room, for the depression, for the hungriness, for the money lost because no ones cooking no more, for the... for the...

i am trying so hard not to scream while hentak hentak kaki here

*do not complain do not complain. im not complaining*

but you know, come to think about it i kind of like exam. yeah right.
because you know, after the last paper, the freedom im gonna feel is just unexplainable :))
like all the hard works are worth it. hheeee
everyones gonna have their exams too.
not only me but hundreds more mates kan.
im not the one who has this feeling so calm down nina, calm down

*and smiles again* :)

but aiyoh i lost hundreds in just a week. one meal already costs about LE10 aiyoh going pokai over here.

do not give up. Allah dislikes people who give up.

P/s: Bs-ians are doing their reunion in PD i think. and sure im not gonna be there T_T you know how much im dying to join you guys right -_- huwaaaaa


Dr Asilah Mahmod said...

ha'ah siap sepahkan atas meja ak lagi uh.. saya pon jdik gila wohoho

AuLiA said...

err... meja tu, memang cmtu ke, or saje2 setting sebab nk amik gambor?

nur hanina said...

haha lepak ah sila sape suro kau tak gune meje. hehehe. dapat pahale kan

-__- tade keje nak sepahkan sbb amek gmba. mmg meja cmtu pun lah. gagaga

Puteri Sepi said...


jgn la give up psl reunion tu. isk. next sem punye mid break kan ade? around sept. tp lmbt lagi la.


maybe ade 2nd reunion je. who knows, right? heee =D

nur hanina said...

huhu ala tu mesti kejap kejap
nk yg lame lame ni T_T

Dr Asilah Mahmod said...

cisss..mara dah bg sebesar2 meja tu, bersyukr lah kamu di ats ape shje milik kamu.. hek, ak tak kesah pon ..(dalam hati, perghh panas2) ;p ;p

Natasha Athirah said...

nina syg, thnk you so much..
love u darling..
dont worry..
there'll be next reunion..
your peeps kan suka reunion2 nih..
so dont cha worry babe!