Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it is over.

Okay final sem 1 was officially over, yes I repeat, OVER

However I do not feel like how I expected myself to feel
No over-reaction
No jerit jerit after the pengawas took the kertas.
After a few walks outside the dewan only i realized “ ehh dah abes semua lah -__-“

Thank you to the flu, and the nausea, and the dizziness, headache and the sore throat and the heartache for the past few days

Now I DO NOT feel like enjoying.


Okay our final exam is not like others,
No 3-months period of exam, with so many papers, one down 100 more papers to go.
With just 2 papers combining all the subjects, one for MCQ and another one for essay
And fyi for our batch we do not learn according to subjects but according to module.
The whole stuff packed in a book I don’t really know how to explain them not like anyone is interested in knowing anyway. LOL

I cant wait to meet you again exam. Have a long and safe journey out of our lives :)


Okay I was forced to participate in futsal competition
Haha not exactly forced but im not going all excited with this competition
LOL first of course I have to practice even when I do not feel well -___-
And I want to play for fun since im not that talented with this futsal thing. Adoy

The thing is, we tried to book the court at istad nadi since the istad gamaah was already full.
And can you believe that we are not allowed to play there simply because we are GIRLS.
So now girls cant play futsal eh?
Aiyoh I know your arab girls do not sport that much but don’t drag us along
we sport , you don’t. let us play. Deal?
This is a sort of discrimination I believe.


karakoza said...

The heck? That's truly a discrimination. Sexist also, I could say.

On other note, your module is somewhat similar with the Mansoura Machester program that I took here.

nur hanina said...

exactly. haha but the other istad is okay. no discrimination ;p

really eh? perhaps a little different from others but quite okay kut, hee