Saturday, March 6, 2010

hoping for the best

okay okay one paper down.

practical, essay and final mcq left

somehow i dont feel like the coming exam is FINAL EXAM

because erk it will be held for only 2 days, 2 papers?

and the depression continues
i believe everyone's serotonin level is incredibly low.
including mine. gahah

i cant stand but imagining myself having a nice day beside the beach, while eating cendol *Nak cendol nak cendol T_T*

cheap one baby, cheap one.

and its like 2am in the morning already, i still cant sleep
thanks to zulaikha for sponsoring a cup of nescafe.
a really strong one, i believe
while exam is like less than 12 hours away.
and i dont think im ready enough

still reading the same thing over and over again,
because clearly idk whats going to come out tomorrow.
i dont even know the possible questions.
and even if i know, there are too many version of answers
and i dont know which one to follow
from the textbook which is like so damn simple? or from the notes they got from, haish God knows where. everything is like so mixed up and im getting more nervous
im afraid things i do not expect to come out will come out
because for god's sakes please do tell me clearly what to read.

i don't intend to complain because perhaps it's my fault for not finding out before this.
just want to let everything out

im striving from mumtaz but i dont know whether im trying hard enough

well. pray for me. :)

and i hope everthing will turn out good

"Ya Allah, please give me strengh to get through these 2 weeks"

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serunaiklang_91 said...

gud luck nina!chaiyok2!!