Thursday, March 11, 2010

four in one.

I always have this jealousy
everytime people take their exam results

when spm result came out last year,
i didnt get to take my own slip because i was already here T_T

i'd like to wish all of them good luck for their results,
although by this time i believe everyone has already taken their spm slip,


yesterday we received a very shocking news, a very sad one

Our embryology professor,
Dr Farid Fathy El-Gebaly passed away yesterday morning because of heart attack,
He was a very nice professor, he knew how to make the class interesting

the last time we met him was last week during our revision class.
we wont waste all the knowledge you gave us insyaAllah

"Don't worry, I will help all of you and give high marks in your exam",

Allah loves him more.
May Allah bless him.

Exam mode is still on,
a few more days to go before final.
everyone is striving for the best,
everyone is trying their hardest.
so good luck everyone

whoever fails this exam is allowed to go back to Malaysia during this summer holiday - walid

you want to go home?

you want to go home?

you want to go home?

you seriously want to go home?

well then make sure you pass this one okay :)

p/s: please do forgive me. but you know, some things are better left unsaid as i couldnt find the right words to explain everything to you. just give me more time will ya?


AuLiA said...

gud luck for ur coming exam!..

(semoga Allah bersama kamu..)

sorry for ur prof..

nur hanina said...

thank you thank you so much :)