Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ive been 'stalking 'some ex-schoolmates' blogs.
More into reading lah, not stalking
I just dont know thats how i was, wasn't I?
Used to have enemies.
Used to hate him, used to hate her, used to hate almost everyone.

haha the last time i was really angry with someone is when i was in high school
not anymore
Well at least that angriness is not enough to make me curse or say bad things about her/him on facebook, myspace, blog etc etc.

I remember this one time when i was in form 2 and i was truly angry with this one person,
I cropped his picture and you know, conteng his picture with inappropriate things and stuff,
and posted it on myspace
yes, ON MYSPACE when almost everyone has myspace and they can see the picture whenever they view my profile
that was such a childish and stupid thing to do

and for that, I am truly sorry. And i hope he/she is willing to forgive me ;(

And this one time also, i argued with Aiman and Raja at the canteen during recess where everyone could hear us, and the teachers came out too.
And we continued our argument in front of the class after that, we brought along our gangs.
*note that all 3 of us were prefects, and we were also EXCOs or BIROs whatever
haha well we are okay now, and we laughed about it.
At least he said that argument brought us closer :P haha

and during this one ocassion where every excos need to ask for forgiveness to people they hurt
it was aiman's turn
I ignored him although i was still angry with him
but then he said
"nina aku tahu kau marah aku. aku mintak maaf kau cakap je"
in front of everyone, the juniors
I couldn't stop myself from crying in front of everyone saying how angry i was towards him how i hated him for accusing me for stuff but then i forgave him anyway :). thats how it should be heh?
wahh i never cried in front of anyone except that one time. = ="

but they were all such good memories lah.
Not so good, but still, my memories with them as we are friends now and everyone is apart now and the memories keep us strong. :)

Haha can i say i miss having an enemy i miss being angry with people? :P
well i guess i should be thankful for not hating anyone right now,
So i can live in peace heh?

Used to be an angry teenager
am i still one now? = ="
hurm a difficult one to answer

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