Thursday, August 5, 2010

what should i do?

its been quite a longgg time since i last updated my blog,
ah ignore the one below, the one i posted a few minutes ago :P

hee i dont know how to put what ive been doing into words.
since you know,ive been meronggeng all the time,
not even once i take a glance at medical books. woohooooooo

Watched house season 6.
currently watching ghost whiperer and i need to watch a few more series: the vampire diaries etc etc while waiting for the new season of HIMYM say what?!

so these are the things that i HAVE to do before going back to alexandria T.T
i dont want to leave

1) MEET MARIAM JAMILAH AND AMIERA YUSOFF, MY SO CALLED BEST FRIENDS :D probably this weekend. if they ever come back home ;(
2) EAT EAT till there is no space left in my stomach. ahah ;O
3) watch movies watch movies watch movies and series.
4) Buy things im gonna bring to egypt. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, CLOTHES, KASUTSSS, and stuff, you know.
5)Hang out. well this is what ive been doing for the past few weeks ;))
6)Lepak mamak lah, dah banyak kali pergi mamak dah :D haha
7) Entah, online kut and texting. but you see, online-ing and texting have been so boring lately. dont even have the guts to chat or text with that one person for a really long time. SMS SANA MAHAL OKAY!
8) Meet the cousins. hee but ive already met them a few times since there was a wedding kan, and you know just went to their houses. :D
9) RAYA RAYA WEH. Prepare for rayaa. Baju raya, makan raya, DUIT RAYA $$$$. LOL
10) Any idea what else should i do this holiday, anyone?

am waiting for my final sem 2 results.
arab arabb.
should have not trust them. their buqra (esok) is like next week, or next month
when the heck is your hujung bulan hah? its already 5th august ngeng


karakoza said...

"Buqra, insyaallah." Hear this from an Arab and expect it to be another week or two :D

nur hanina said...

yeah typical arab. haha