Monday, August 23, 2010

shut the heck up =.="

If you hate egypt that much, and you dont know how to react when people ask you

'hows egypt'

just put a cold face and say ' okay je' , smile, and go away.

To tell the truth.
I dont hate egypt that much
but i dont like it that much either.
= ="

well it's okay. Because i consider myself lucky as i get to study overseas for free and get money every month too.

So i should say thank you Allah instead of babblingblingbling about how much i hate studying in egypt and how great it is to get to study in Malaysia

You people are lucky enough because most of you guys get to study in boarding school before

I never had the chance to actually live in hostel *i dont consider that asrama mara as a real asrama because it is just one building, and there's no pak guard whatsoever.

Never had the chance to go eat at the canteen ramai ramai every night, prep, whatever shit etc

And studying in egypt kind of took away my opportunity to experience that kind of life in local university. *sigh*

But i know there's a reason behind everything that happens and I think this is the best path since Allah knows whats best for . And I am truly grateful for that *wink wink* >.<"

It's just, you know, sometimes I get annoyed with people who keep on babbling about wanting to live and study in Malaysia, while he slash she should be grateful enough to get this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience many exciting things far away from home. n___n

Its okay to miss Malaysia. Its okay to be homesick. Its okay if you want to come home as many times as possible but it is not okay to miss home so much that you ignore everything thats happening; study, social life, friends etc etc. ;))

5 years,

then go and enjoy Malaysia as much as you want to without having to leave it
so suck it up guys!

*Favourite spot in Alexandria

-gambar tak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia.


Izyan Hanis said...

yeah. that's rite! :)

hidup kita skrg di egypt. tapi nanti2. hidup kita di msia pula. just enjoy.. kan nina??

hanif hafiz said...

nnt abes 5 taun x heaven lagi..

bersiap sedia utk di torture oleh Med. officer plak time houseman

nur hanina said...

betul betul. kejap je pun duduk egypt. nampak je lamee. nnt da balik msia rindu egypt plak :P

ooh haha tak heaven tahu tahu tapi at least tak heaven kat malaysia jugak la :P