Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

Hee seems like i have nothing to talk about now heh?
suddenly moving on from personal craps to some story im watching now.
i havent heard of this series until i got back here.
its already downloaded and here, in the computer and people said that its a good one, so i decided to give it a try,
since i had already finished watching ghost whisperers, house, and leverage and there's no other series that i seem to be interested in left. LOL
Its about vampires well i guess you already know that, from the title?
Well vampires are becoming quite a famous subject now, heh?
i wonder if vampires really existed = ="
well its based on a famous novel, with the same title.
i saw the book at MPH a couple of weeks ago.
but im not sure which one is more intersting, the novel or the series since i dont read the book.
anyways, the heroes are handsome yes of course lah kan,
i wonder why vampires are all good looking?
because i thought vampires are supposed to be dull, pale and, not handsome?
well its basically about a vampire called stefan, who moved in mystic fall and fell in love with elena.
stefan does not feed human blood,unlike the brother, demon
im not really good on writing synopsis, or review or whateves.
so why dont you give it a try and watch it yourself??. :))

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Ahmad Basyir , Adi Syafiq , Faris, Faiz said...

kak hanina, nie saya ahmad basyir, comment my new blog eh, it is an assignment, the more interaction. the more marks. thanxss ye.