Monday, July 11, 2011


even when i was so semangat and i cooked but it went hangit and tasted not as good,
even when i tried to eat on the bed because i was so bajet makan pun kena tengok buku lah konon and all the kuah kacang tumpah on the bed, and on the text book
even when i had to cut 10 pages of the epidemiology text book so the other pages won't get affected as well
even when im gonna have my epidemiology exam tomorrow and 10 pages are missing
even when i tried to scan and print (such a stupid thing to do just because i was effing lazy to go to the kedai fotostat) but i failed and wasted an hour on that. maybe less :/
even when i cooked one more time something i never tried before and it tasted , uhm not like what its supposed to taste :/ again. two times in a row.
even when i still have to study a lot for the coming exam

I still have to be thankful because everything happens for a reason. :)
so im thanking Him :)

and luckily, i have ze keluangman so it wasnt that bad really :P

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