Sunday, July 17, 2011


i know this is complicated for me at least.
i know somehow this is not what we expected.
and i started to think too much about where this is going.
is this the right thing to do?
is this even appropriate?

i know somehow i denied way too much, that i have to think once and twice what really happened
I know i am afraid.
I know i am in doubt.
i know we are still haunted or affected by the past,
i know the hearts are still crushed.
but can i really give this a chance?
perhaps i dont know to what extend we mean the words we're saying.
perhaps right now i can just wonder.
wonder too much
and see where things go
perhaps i am in this half heartedly
because im not sure, i just cant believe too much.
or id end up suffering, crushed again
perhaps because i know too much
a bit too much
perhaps i know too well
a bit too well

i cant really see the clear picture of the thing that happened.
i dont know what am i supposed to do really.
But i just don't want to lose the precious thing.

perhaps im just lucky to have been where i have been.

I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard


Mohamad Alif Nazmi Mohd Jumawi said...

pergh ni kau jatuh cinta la ni hahahahahahaha

nur hanina said...

mana ada doh!
tolong ah geli gila statement! haha

Aina Mohammad said...

Dont make me say I told you so over and over again

nur hanina said...

okay okay i know you want to say that on my face. go on = ="

Aina Mohammad said...

nahhh I said that a thousand times before .This one Imma just sit back and see what happen .interesting story you got there going on ;DD

nur hanina said...

jap jap tell me once yang cerita aku tak menarik haha
i never had a normal one come to think about it :/