Friday, July 15, 2011

ze squarepants

perhaps because of this, the twitter background

and this
tumblr background

this, the desktop one

this one as my phone wallpaper

and this as the screensaver *this picture is supposed to move :/

I got this cute spongebob! :D wee thank youuuu kak sehaa. comel suka :D


silah said...

haha comelnya :D

silah said...

haha comelnya :D

nur hanina said...

comel kan comel kan suka :D
and benda tu freee oooh naik qatar ishh dulu naik qatar tak dpt pun :(

♥Shakila Seha Shaari♥ said...

ikut nasibla tu nina.. :D apa2pun, welcome dearieee.. :))