Monday, November 3, 2008


yesterday i went to rais's house.
well they asked us to go there at 9 am
i met aina and atiqa at seven at 9.30
and she said "weh raes ada class smpai 11"
damn i had to wait
so we took a cab to giant setiawangsa and lepak at mcd till 11
i was actually not in the mood so i talked less. hahaa i seldom shut my mouth so for me to be quiet was a little weird.
so at 11 we walked to rais's house.
his mother was not at home so did his dad and sisters,
it was only him by the time we arrived there we saw ban entering the house.
so we just followed him and guess what?
raes was cooking pasta.
hahaa he cooked that was kind of surprising *evil laugh*
we planned to study but we only opened our book at 12++ pm
then i felt hungry and i asked raes whether he has anything to eat but there was nothing
haha no rice, no chilli no anything just a sardine. so i cooked it and ate it with bread.
aiyoh cili padi tade cili merah tade limau tade cane nak masak ?-.-"

then afif came with a guitar so besolla study kan
i went to raes's room and borrowed his history book and online kejap.
and then we talked and talked and just main main
and then sambung blaja
rais wanted to go to jj to buy some cds.
lucky afif was there so we didn't have to take a cab there.dah la hujan
at 2 pm my dad called suddenly asking when will i going to be home and i was kind of cuak terus jawab "aaa 4 kut ke 5"
haha then we went downstairs and i took afif's guitar and started playing it mcm sial je tak reti.
hahaa raes played that hujan song aku skandal and aina,atiqa and i started dancing like hell and raes recorded it. haha
exactly !a week before spm.
we were supposed to be stitting quietly praying and studying to get straight a's insted of dancing like retarded retards.
haha yeah we only went to jj at 6 pm after i forced them to take their butts off raes's house and quickly move!
jj was packed it took us like half and hour to find a parking.
and it was raining heavily, too.
and yes we were already there, at last
i was shocked to see the cd's place has turned into big apple, my fav!
ketinggalan kan pdahal da lame da.hahaa.
so after makan makan at 7 aina's mom called asking her to go back
i was also actually worried because i was afraid my dad was going to kill me
so i keep bising bising asking them to make everything a little faster but they were all so relax.
haha i rushed to memory lane and bought a birthday card for zhaf and went back to my friends and i forced them to move.

in the car, i was so noisy "ish da lambat da lambat" and ban went "weh lek ah bapak aku pun mara" yes bes gile his dad called but he didn't want to answer.adoi.
afif sent atiqa and ban first then he sent me i kept asking them to pray for me so my dad wont be angry and aina went " weh kau kan balik lmbat mcm mane pun ayah kau tak pna mara asal nak takut".
haha actually she was right. that day i went home almost midnight but he was just okay.
i went to ts and i waited 2 hours just to get into monorel and finally i reached home at like 10? and a lot more situations but my dad was okay all the time. i had no reason to be worry but i dont know why i still was. adoi.

so i reached home finally and as i went into the house i could hear my friends screaming "go nina" thank god my neighbours were all inside house or else i'm going to hang myself to death trust me.

then my dad asked, "nape lambat" .
"singgah beli cd"
"ooh okay"

that's it.

penat penat je from 4 pm to 8 pm risau tak pepasal.
i suffered for 4 hours thinking what the hell will happen

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