Friday, November 7, 2008

3 days before spm

ouh today got majlis restu.
ahahaa we waited for like half and hour for teachers to finish their morning prayer.
i read sejarah instead of joining them talking about blah blah blah = =
then finally teacher arrived.
after some babblings, it's our turn to ask for forgiveness from the teachers.
so my class was the first class to go and i saw the guys, including raes, his mother was there as penolong kanan.
everyone was like waiting for rais's turn to go to his mom and when he hugged his mom everyone was like 'wooo'
hahaa he cried, pn rahmah too. touching siot. hahaa.
it's not easy to see guys cry but most of them cry. i tried not to cry yayy but i cried a little only.
then we ate ate ate like hell and went upstairs
got some taklimat about spm.
when i received the slip i was like 'gosh, spm nak dekat!!!'
i just can't believe it.
the day i've been waiting to come.
hahaaa it's coming now it's coming
there's no turning back. lalalaa.

my hand was shaking you know when i received the slip
and everyone was like hugging each other and asked for forgiveness.
i was bloody evil
i waited for 12.00++ to come to say sorry to my friends.
i wanted to punch and kick them as many as i can baru mintak maaf.
hahaa so diorang mintak maaf dah and i went 'ooh aku mintak maaf lambat sket."
haha then i kicked them and run.
inilah kerja kami 3 hari sebelum spm.
aina punched me and i punched her back and then boleh pulak main kejar kejar kt dlm dewan.
haaha then milah pulak.
tan even took our pictures punching each other = =
then baru lah mintak maaf.
hee sedih sedih banyak buat dose wehh.;DD
it was a sad situation
realizing we won't be meeting each other everyday like we used to.
sitting in the middle of everyone, seeing them laugh, kicking, punching each other made my tears fell.
i won't be sitting around them like this anymore
i won't be laughing out loud with them anymore.
it hurts to know that this is the end

-gosh,i do love them so much God please don't take them away from me. amin..


Puteri Sepi said...


people comes and go..

Andai kata kita dah tak berjumpa,berkumpul dan bergaduh mcam sebelum ni,kau mesti ingat,persahabatan kita akan jadi sebuah memori,ok?

setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan. Ni la jodoh namanya!


aku dah rasa nak nanges dah ni...

so,baik aku stop dulu

touching ok!

I love you damn much!

(but, for sure la I love syed anwar al-junid more than you guys!)



Puteri Sepi said...

u've been tagged!