Friday, November 14, 2008

6 to go

i am in the middle of SPM
haha before this we were all afraid of this bloody spm
but now i think spm is just normal,
i did my best,
hopefully i get what ive always wanted,
straight a's/

bm was great but the novel part was kind of confusing.
i already finished half the question when i finally realised i was wrong.
the question asked only for one latar masyarakat i was about to give 3!
thank God i realised my mistake and quickly asked for another paper and started writing
hopefully what i wrote is the right one.

it took me only half and hour to finish the first question,
but it took me like 20 minutes to only choose what i wanted to write for section B
such a waste of time
then i started writing. i chose to write a story. i wrote half way that i went blank. i knew what to write i was not sure whether the way i did the essay was right.
i seldom write a story for exam. i do write story but i just write what i wanted to write i was not sure whether the way i wrote will be accepted in exm,-.-"
then i moved to question num 5. i only wrote a paragraph then i decided to stop and do number 3.
something like 'my future husband'
when i first opened the question i laughed. haha this ques is kind of interesting but i've seen somewhere ques no 5
stars; maybe in mrsm's trial paper i was not sure i saw one of my friend did it and i saw the paper too.= =
lucky them

history sucks kut. at the very last minute my friends said 'dpt soalan bocor!" like 15 minutes before exam started and most of the bocor chapters, i did not remember the points so i was like crying like hell. when exam started i read the questions and i smiled. nothing like what they said, i could answer most of the questions hopefully betul je

hee math was okay but i checked i did 4 mistakes. doom trial boleh betul semua spm betul salah pulak .i was kind of geram gile but paper 2 i did quite well oke lah hopefully i get 1a.

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