Saturday, November 1, 2008

stomach ache, headache, heartache

Such a bad day,

i woke up at 7, received a text msg from a friend saying sorry for not replying my text yesterday.
*not that i care*

then i couldn't sleep and i watched desperate housewives
yay such a perfect timing to watch tv;DD

then i slept.

then i woke up at 10 and yes it all started.
my family and i went to our neighbour's house for a kenduri.
and guess what.
i had a really bad stomach ache and headache and a fever, too.

really really, not a perfect timing because i have to study for my spm
in this condition, i couldn't even absorb what i read.
then i went home and i online and saw two of my friends onlining.
and actually they were studying at my friend's house.
and guess what? i knew nothing about it.

salahke touching? sape suro tak ajak most of my friends are there and i know nothing about it ,
ish mesti la bengang.
whatever it is ban made me even more bengang?
ckp ngengade nk mrajuk
the hell he didn't know how i felt so why didn't he just stfu?

with my dizziness, and everything i cried and cried and cried,
i read history but my headache was so terrible that i couldn't even understand what i was reading.
and i slept for about 2 hours and i woke up and cried again because the pain was still there and i need to study for my examination.

haish i took my bath and started reading again
10 minutes ,history then i changed to agame then chem then agame then chem balik
haha i couldn't concentrate because of the pain.
damn i hope tomorrow i'll be okay.
going to rais's house to study.
ouh yeah right study.

1 comment:

Puteri Sepi said...


ni sakit exam...

aku pun sakit jugak!

dah start penyakit yg cukup 'azab' bagi aku... (but, ada yg lagi azab. so, aku terima je penyakit ni)

as usual, SELSEMA :((

esok lusa elok la tu ye nina :)